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What do YOU want?

The question “What do you want” can sometimes be one of the most difficult to answer. It’s an odd psychological quirk we often find it far easier to say what we don’t want. Perhaps you have had one of these conversations:

“Where do you want to eat tonight?”
“I don’t know, it doesn’t matter to me.”
“How about Mexican?”
“No, anything but Mexican.”
“No, we had Greek last week.”
“OK, where do you want to eat?”
“I don’t know, it really doesn’t matter to me.”


What do you want for your travel practice?

PictureIf we don’t articulate what we want, we tend to not visualize our objectives very well. As a result, we end up settling for what we get and not knowing the difference. But forget about “we.”  What you want is all about YOU. Whether you are an employee in a large travel firm or you own your business, goals and objectives tend to be a very personal issue.

You know it is best to make a very clear request when you want something. Requests veiled in too many layers of language are often not understood. Again, clear articulation assists understanding. It’s time to be clear with yourself. While it’s true there is a lot of uncertainty yet in the road ahead, isn’t that really always the case?

When it comes to your business plans, start by asking what you want. What do you want the new year to look like in terms of your finances and in terms of your time commitment? How much growth do you want to experience and how many clients do you want to have? How much free time do you want with your family? What specialties do you want to take on? What destinations do you want to visit? What do you want your business mix to be? How do you want next year to look differently from this year?

If you really want to understand your desires, write them down. When you write down your thoughts, you articulate them far better then when you “think” them to yourself.  Writing down your wants is not busy work but an important step in better understanding your goals. You don’t understand well what you cannot articulate. Unexpressed thoughts tend to have a fuzzy, dream-like quality.

The top players in any business have a clear picture of their path. Once you have a list of wants, you will have a good start on your next business plan. Schedule an appointment with yourself this week and write down a short list of goals. It’s a good first step on your way to not only knowing what you want, but achieving those same goals.

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