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Are Your Clients Consuming Your Emails?

I subscribe to Apple News+ and to Medium and enjoy them both. But I recently noticed something about the way I read them.  The headline grabs my attention (duh), and I click on the link to read the content. But if the article opens and it appears too long, I just close it.  Sure, I delivered an open to them, but the purpose of the article failed. I will totally read a BuzzFeed piece titled 10 Toys From Your Childhood You Forgot. But the one titled What These 47 Stars of Yesterday Look Like Today doesn’t stand a chance with me. So why is that? I suspect that the authors are writing with the assumption that their audience has the same interest. And that is a false assumption we cannot afford to make. Are your marketing emails appealing to you? Or your client? How do you know?

Some people do not have the time or patience to read a tome from you. Just give them the facts. Others prefer the lengthy destination report. While others may be interested in something light or funny. And others still may be looking for something in between.  With a bit of trial and error and some patience, you can easily identify who is who to make sure you are sending them what they want.

I figure there are four different types of people when it comes to email.

The Email Types!

The Up-Front Email

The recipients are confident and won’t like a long, fluffy email. Be upfront and to the point. Tell them succinctly why this email will improve their life. The subject line here is key. Keep it short and intriguing. Example: 3 Awesome Experiences to Leave Your Partner Floored. Way back when, I did some work with TRAMS and I remember being told that if I could not convey my message in a subject line and two sentences, the CEO, Lee Rosen, would never read it—better make a phone call.  This is the client for the up-front email.

The Fun Email

This is the email that we all most likely write. It is fun, uplifting and written as if we were chatting with a friend over coffee at the local coffee shop. You may include a joke or an anecdote about a recent trip or reminisce about a past one. And to be honest, with travel, this is likely most of your clients. They are fun, friendly, and enjoyable. 

The Reassuring Email

Travel is a major purchase for many. And many people are apprehensive and wishy-washy about committing to a travel experience. This email will help to assuage those fears. This email will contain testimonials from other clients. Information on the safety of a region. Steps the cruise lines are taking to make sure it is a COVID-free environment. This email will push all the reassuring buttons of this client.

The Joe Friday Email

This client is committed to traveling but wants the facts, just the facts ma’am. So, give them! If the newsletter focus is on a particular destination or a group trip, let them know the average weather report. If there are only 12 cabins left on your group cruise, let them know. And with this subject line, put one of those facts upfront and in their face.

How To Separate!

To effectively do this, you will eventually need to create four separate emails for each send, but as you do it, it becomes easier. But first, we need to segment your clients.

  1. Create an “Up-Front” email and send that
  2. Review your opens and tag those that opened it more than once*.
  3. On your next send, create and send a “Fun” email, but exempt the “Up-Front” group
  4. Review your opens and tag those that opened it more than once
  5. On your next send, create and send a “Reassuring” email, but exempt the “Up-Front” and “Fun” groups
  6. Review your opens and tag those that opened it more than once
  7. On your next send, create and send a “Just The Facts” email, but exempt the “Up-Front”, “Fun” , and “Reassuring” groups
  8. Review your opens and tag those that opened it more than once

Now, you should have five separate lists of emails separated by the type of email each customer appreciates and an unclassified one. As you continue, rotate the unclassified category into the different types and filter accordingly in the future. It is not a short process; however, it is one that will reap rewards if managed properly.

All email sending software services can segment and do A/B testing and this is one way to make sure that you are sending your clients the type of content they will appreciate and consume!

*The rationale behind the multiple opens is that the message has resonated and caused the recipient to perform an action.


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