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Progressive Journeys With Intrepid Travel

Offering up the best of the best in travel isn’t easy; this takes tenacity, an open mind to the traveler’s wants and needs, and a healthy perspective on what a destination has to offer. And Intrepid Travel is a supplier that prides itself on these attributes. They have been a tour provider for 30 years with sustainable travel focused on local perspectives, an expansive list of countries, and even a not-for-profit foundation that has raised millions of dollars.

Intrepid Travel offers up more than 1,150 trips, in 23 countries, on every continent. These include family-friendly vacations, wildlife and polar tours, a journey through local foods, adventure cruising, and adventures like cycling and touring. The destinations of these tours span the world, from seeing the Norther Lights to national parks in the western US—to Machu Picchu, Costa Rica, and Morocco. With this level of diversity in tours and destination, it’s no wonder that they’ve served so many travelers for this long.



Though, a plethora of tour options isn’t the only appealing aspect of Intrepid Travel. As the trend of responsible travel increases in this increasingly connected world, Intrepid is already ahead of the curve. As stated on their website, “we’re super proud to call ourselves the world’s largest purpose-led adventure travel brand.” The purpose: “Create positive change through the joy of travel.”

While there are many travel suppliers that talk the talk, Intrepid walks the walk. For one, they are a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact. This is a compact (a promise) signed by companies which outlines principles aimed at equity in human rights, fair labor, helping to sustain the environment, and anti-corruption. Being part of the UNGC involves submitting what they call a ‘Communications on Progress’ report each year. Intrepid’s record can be found here. As well, Intrepid’s Sustainable Develop Goals of fixing gender equality, economic growth, reduced inequality, sustainable communities, climate action, and healthy ocean and land habitats through Transforming our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


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Intrepid’s commitment to being a fair company is further shown in The Intrepid Foundation. This not-for-profit entity has a goal of improving the lives of communities through the promotion of sustainable travel experiences. All money received through donations and fundraisers have been 100% directed to 130 charities around the world, raising more than $11 million.

Intrepid Travel’s variety of tours spans the globe, with activities and sights for the spectrum of travelers out there. They accomplish this with added responsibility toward people, communities, and the planet. Responsible travel is more than a trend; it is a way to give back to those sharing their land and lives with the traveler. Looking up the definition of ‘intrepid’ says it all: fearless; adventurous. And blazing the trail for travel with a purpose, a good purpose, is about as fearless and adventurous as it gets.


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