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The ‘Wild Awaits’ Travelers in the Lands Down Under

AAT Kings has been a pioneer in the adventuring of Australia and New Zealand for over 100 years. They were one of the driving forces that opened the Australian outback to the eyes and excitement of travelers within the country, as well as international. Now, as Australia looks to open its borders to the world once again, AAT has set its sights on a new campaign to intrigue the traveler. The ‘Wild Awaits’ campaign seeks to jump right into the reinvigorated travel industry as COVID-19 wanes.



Even with such a prestigious history in the travel industry, AAT has not been immune to the chaos that COVID-19 has wrought on the planet. Though, like many others during these trying times, AAT Kings has big plans as the world starts to open again. They have always been a company that provided adventure in the expanse of the Australian wilderness, as well as experiences that bring the traveler close to the cultural and historical heartbeat of the land. To keep in line with AAT’s history of fostering a deep connection to what makes Australia and New Zealand unique, ‘Wild Awaits’ will focus on the landscapes, food and drink, immersion, and stories from locals. A true experience of what makes the islands down under a stunning destination.


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Some of the new offerings are the art and stories from the locals in Alice Springs, a community dedicated to sustainability within the expanse of the Australian desert. Travelers will also taste the fresh farm-to-table tastes of Tasmanian cider in orchards. For the stargazers and dreamers out there, Lake Tekapo has the Dark Sky Reserve. Here, the sky lights up with the cosmic beauty of the universe. Add in a chance to churn butter and enjoy fresh baked bread while taking in the view of the lush Waikato countryside, AAT has created some special.

Bridie Commerford, Chief Marketing Officer for AAT Kings, has expounded on the goals of this new campaign, “Today’s travellers are freedom-seekers and knowledge-gatherers, and their craving for space and connection with nature, people and culture has never been stronger.” This statement strikes at the core of how travel is changing, with ecotourism and cultural exchange beginning to take the lead in traveler’s expectations. Continuing, “This is not just a comms strategy, but a philosophy embodied in our people and local partners.” This seems a dedication to the core idea of travel, one of a new way born of turbulent times. And the world may be a bit better because of this shift to the lives of people and their culture, while still providing the adventures they always have within some of the most colorful and grandiose scenery in the world.


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