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France To Suspend Pass Sanitaire

It wasn’t long after we published last week’s post, Seven Workarounds To France’s Pass Sanitaire, that we learned of the French government’s plans to drop requirements for the health pass. This comes as welcome news to travelers heading to France this spring and beyond. In fact, Britton is headed to France on Monday. See I’m Going To Paris On Monday.

While we won’t know the full details until next week, this site,, (translated from French), suggests that the Pass Sanitaire will not be required for most activities: From March 14, the application of the “vaccination pass” will be suspended in all places where it was required (leisure and cultural places, commercial catering activities, fairs and trade shows, etc.).The website also says that until March 14, the vaccine pass will be required on long-distance trains such as TGV, suggesting that after March 14, the vaccine pass will not be needed. As of today, we can find no information about the March 14 change on, the official website of the French rail system.


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We did reach out to SNCF via Twitter and were told (again translated from French): We are still waiting for details from the Government regarding the evolution of the health protocol. These changes will be communicated in the next few days.

We’ll have more clarity on March 14. Stay tuned.


This article was originally published at River Cruise Advisor.


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