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Guerrilla Marketing for Travel Agents: How to Spend $150 – Part 3

“Guerrilla Marketing”, is all about achieving the maximum marketing bang for the buck. Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive, but it needs to be creative. Today we are going to seek out three new tactics to tap into  groups of consumers and to spend our money in as leveraged a way possible:

Today’s guerrilla marketing tactics for $150:

  • Rent a booth at a community fair, farmers market, or street festival – most communities during theGraphic of Money Plant spring and summer months have street fairs where local vendors rent booths to showcase their wares. These booths are typically very inexpensive, so grab one and pack it with flyers and posters and your own brochures and business cards. Chat up everyone that comes by your booth and have them sign up for your email newsletter (you have a newsletter, right?) or to receive a 1/2 hour consultation on “How to Travel for a Lifetime“.
  • Sponsor an Ad in a school event program – primary schools, middle schools, and high schools all have plays, recitals, and events where the programs are sponsored by local merchants. Design a catchy ad that lets parents know it is possible to build a lifetime of family memories through family travel – and that you are just the person to see. Your $150 will take you through more than one event at one school, so spread the ads around in your target demographic. Spend lots of time going right to the heart of empathy with this demographic – speak to the benefits of using your travel planning practice.
  • Hold a Contest – Purchase 10 Starbucks coffee cards (or better yet, cross-market with a local coffee shop) and hold a contest among the community of your choice. Make it a “best travel photo contest” for example. Make it fun! Have more than one category like “best photo with people in it,” “best landscape,” “best island photo,” “best photo of a famous landmark,” “best photo on a cruise,” ” best photo taken by a child” etc. With 10 cards you can award a lot of prizes. Or you can do one huge “coffee for a year” (50 weeks of Coffee!) contest for the best travel essay or use three smaller $50 coffee cards. The idea is to create some excitement among your community whether that be among your newsletter, Twitter, Facebook, or online forum community.

The limit to guerrilla marketing is your imagination, not your budget! Find ways of getting your company positioned as innovative and involved in your community and people will take notice.


Tomorrow: 3 Additional Ways to spend $150

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