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A Lesson From the Easter Bunny

Today’s reminder is coming directly to you via my golden-oldies archives. It was written eleven years ago but, for many of you, “the shoe will still fit.” You can be the judge.


Time may continue to pass us by, but the major (business) lesson from this time of year reigns supreme for another twelve months. Everyone, regardless of the color and size of their Easter Basket, is familiar with the good ole Easter Egg Hunt. (Now that I think of it, I did not hear news of the Annual White House Hunt.) Find those little colored babies or not, there is one GIANT reminder we can all benefit from when it comes to this annual free-for-all.



In any event, you know the drill. Parents salt a few colored eggs around the perimeter of your home and, when the kids rise, they grab a basket and go find the little jewels. They hunt high and low “knowing” that they are out there… somewhere. If you listen hard enough, you can hear the delight in their voice once they find one. They even giggle now and then when they come up empty. Strange!

The fact remains they know they are out there and their task, come ^&%^ or high water, is to find them. And find them they do. One thing is worth noting. When they do not find one under the azalea bush, they don’t whine, whimper and make excuses on why they should quit and go watch television.

Okay! Enough about Easter. What’s this have to do with you… and more importantly… about growing your business? Everything.


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As adults, you often find yourself playing the same game. But in your case, it is called ‘Find The Profitable Prospect.’ But in your case, the booty is far more valuable than a few lousy tasting painted eggs. In your case, most players, when they don’t immediately find a prospect in the first place they look, they quit with some lame excuse.

Trust me, my friends, the game is EXACTLY the same as it has been for a thousand years. Stuff is out there. Hidden. Not in plain sight. Your job is to find it with your patience, consistency, cleverness, and ability. And while you are at it, why not borrow from a page from the children’s marching orders… manage to take delight in the competitiveness of it all.

Until the calendar rolls around again to signify “bunny time,” let’s agree to play ‘Find The Customer’ with a pointed, focused, unwavering tenacity that can only lead us to our next profitable prize. Believe me. They are out there. Go find yourself a few.


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