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Journeys Through the Iberian Peninsula with Petrabax

As Spain and Portugal rise in popularity for travel, Petrabax has been showing the Iberian Peninsula to travelers for almost 40 years. With an array of ways to take care of the traveler, they have created tours from a unique point of view—one that originates from the owner and operators hailing from the northwestern region of Galicia. From life-changing paths to a future one-stop shop for agents, Petrabax has one foot firmly set in showing the past and another stepping into the future of travel.

Petrabax is family owned and operated. The founder, Jose Zuñiga, was from the region of Galicia in northwest of Spain; while its current director and nephew of Jose, Marcos Roel, is also Galician. This lends perfectly to their line of  itineraries or packages arranged to travel the famous Camino de Santiago, a trail that spans Spain, Portugal, and France. Traveled by pilgrims since the 9th century, there are many ways to travel it: walking (escorted and independent), biking, and differing lengths of road to travel. And all paths of the Camino de Santiago lead to Galicia, a home they know and love, once this often life-changing journey has come to its conclusion.

Though a prominent point of interest, the Camino de Santiago is only part of what Petrabax offers. Escorted groups are curated to show the traveler the outstanding beauty of the Iberian Peninsula with knowledgeable and passionate guides. These quality tours include major cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, and Lisbon. But they also include smaller destination such as Porto, Granada, Seville, and Cordoba.

For the more independent of travelers, Petrabax can arrange an array of amenities. First, they are the official foreign Reservations Center for exclusive hotel chains such as the Paradores of Spain and the Pousadas of Portugal. Both are luxury hotels often inviting the traveler to stay in historic properties such as castles, monasteries, fortresses, and more. The high standard of service that both offer goes beyond expectations, regardless of whether the choice is Spain or Portugal. Also for the independent traveler, Airport transfers, local tours and activities, rental cars, rail tickers, and more.

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As the US market for Hispanic and spanish speaking travelers rises, Petrabax is specialized in providing this market with tours. Escorted tours conducted exclusively in Spanish language. Not only does this present an excellent opportunity for advisors already taking care of the Hispanic market, but will also allow other agents to expand their current scope of the market if they are bilingual. Petrabax has been providing for this market since their beginning almost 40 years ago, making them an industry leader.

They have also launched new products this year, as well as getting the word out through email broadcasts here at TRO. Product lines like special group departures, with airfare included; one example being an Easter Week in Spain. Even with all of this going for them, Petrabax is stepping in the future of reaching advisors. As Marcos remarked, “We are currently working on a brand new website.” He continues that this will be launching by the end of the year, and hopes it will become the one-stop-shop for the travel agency community—“and be a more modern and user friendly website.”


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