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Becoming ‘Slightly Famous’: A Strategy Worth Examining

Have you ever stopped to consider why multi-millionaire entertainers and business people take the time to appear on late-night talk shows for just a few minutes?

Their pay (if any) for doing so is probably less money than they paid for lunch that day.

So why does every celebrity you can think of try to get themselves booked on talk shows? The reason they want their faces blasted across the airwaves is simple.

They realize that regardless of who they are—and what they may have accomplished to date—if they are out of the public’s sight, they are out of the public’s mind.



Becoming Visible Makes Sense

Visibility leads to credibility. And credibility leads to trust, which leads to success.

The more you see someone, the easier it is to believe and trust them. Therefore, it makes sense to begin identifying ways for you to become more visible.

Whether you own a business or work in the mailroom, it’s in your best interest to develop and enhance your visibility. Becoming more visible is a strategy that will pay attractive dividends when pursued properly.

Becoming visible does not mean you have to scream “Hey look at me, I’m a big shot.”

I’m not talking about bragging; I’m talking about letting the right people know you are alive and in a position to contribute to their well-being. If you truly have this ability to contribute, you owe it to people to let them know about it.

I am not suggesting that you try to knock Tom Cruise or Halle Berry off of Oprah’s interview couch. I am suggesting you attempt to position yourself as a knowledgeable, capable, sincere, fun-loving person worth knowing and worth listening to.

A Positive Career Path

When done properly, you will not only be developing a more positive career path, but you will also be putting a bounce back in your step while having more fun day in and day out.

It is my opinion that men are better at this than women. Women are taught that it is not lady-like to brag, appear conceited, or appear self-serving. Ladies, get over it!

If you do not tell me how good you are, and why it is in my best interest to know you, who is going to do it for you?

Perhaps it’s time for you to become your own personal press agent. Your career and your future lifestyle are counting on you.

The ‘Slightly Famous’

For lack of a better term, you can consider this project as “becoming slightly famous.” When executed properly, people will recognize your name as the “real deal” in your specific area of expertise.

They will respect your contributions to the industry, and the overall knowledge you have on a particular subject. They will think of you as a true professional and believe you to be sincere and forthcoming.

But I am afraid this won’t come by accident. So, how does one achieve “slightly famous” stature?

There are lots of ways to become more “famous.” They all involve spreading the good word to as many people in your targeted audience as possible, with a high degree of credibility.

The easiest and fastest way to achieve this goal is to leverage your message through people who are in a position to spread your “name” to hundreds, if not thousands, of others.


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Getting the Word Out

The three sources that come to mind when it comes to “spreading the word” are (1) local media, (2) print, and (3) the spoken word in the form of group presentations.

Before throwing up your hands in surrender, let me remind you that media outlets and meeting planners are in constant search of people with something of value to share with their audiences.

They need you. They want you. They just may not know about you.

Your job is to find them, introduce yourself, and present your case in a simple, straightforward fashion. No stress. No strain. Just you being you.

  • “How does one manage to get on a podcast or radio program?”
  • “How does one manage to get an article in print?”
  • “How does one manage to get asked to speak at a meeting?”

The Answer

You ask. I am not trying to sound cute or facetious. It is truly amazing what can happen when you just ask.

If you have something to say, why not share it with others? It will enhance your visibility and credibility, while positioning you as a slightly famous individual worth knowing.

Your goal should be both modest and practical.

Write one article and try to book an appearance on one podcast. Write a letter to a local trade association and offer to share your knowledge.

You see celebrities write and talk about what they know. So, if you want to achieve celebrity status, it’s time you do the same thing.

Another quick way to establish a presence in your industry is to run up and down your street with a sandwich board strapped on your back, offering a special deal to whomever you come in contact with. Although this will get you recognized in very short order, I do not endorse this maneuver. I would rather you go the speaking, writing or local media route, as it will serve you better over the long haul.

When you are out of sight, you are out of mind. It is time that you begin devising a strategy to stay visible for as long as possible.

Someone has to write it. Someone has to say it. Someone has to comment on it. Who better than you?


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