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Cruise line Windstar reports highest bookings since start of pandemic

Windstar Cruise Ship

Small ship cruise line Windstar Cruises has just announced its highest-grossing week of cruise sales since the start of the pandemic and one of the biggest in company history. The cruise line, focusing on smaller yacht-like ships visiting smaller more remote, and less heavily visited ports, waterways, and destinations that larger ships can’t access. Windstar ran a sale May 3-13 with itineraries to the Mediterranean, Tahiti, Northern Europe, Alaska, Asia, Greece, Australia & New Zealand, the Holy Lands among others.

Windstar Cruises currently operates a fleet of six boutique all-suite and sailing yachts carrying 148-342 guests.

“We’re optimistic to see this type of booking activity during our Windstar Week sale which points to a return in demand for vacations and especially small ship cruise vacations,” said Windstar Cruises President Christopher Prelog. “People are discovering the advantage of small, yacht-like, sailing and all-suite cruising to aspirational destinations.”

Windstar’s sailing ships can depend on wind alone if conditions are perfect, providing the unique cruise ship experience of literally sailing without the sound of engines. The fleet of six ships are large enough to offer a few big ship features, but the smaller size of the ships offers more privacy and a greater sense of a yacht-like experience. Windstar’s daily ship activities are less structured than most cruise lines as there are fewer scheduled activities.

Over the past few weeks, several major cruise lines have reported banner sales records.

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