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Increase Profit and Retention By Using Email To The Max

We are all connecting with our prospects and clients via email, right? After all, it is a low-cost, simple way to keep in touch. You may have some standard emails saved to copy and paste at the most basic level, but hopefully, you have invested in an email service like Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, or AWeber.  In my opinion, the only marketing expense that gives a greater return is the old-fashioned business card. But are you using your broadcast email service to its capabilities? The services vary a bit but below are some common features you should use to make sure your business is growing and not stagnating.


Welcome email campaigns are sent to the subscribers when they join your mailing list for the first time or sign up to your website. These emails are the best way to introduce yourself and let them know what to expect. Make sure you thank them, let them know how often they will hear from you, and maybe consider offering them a little something for free. Set up a follow-up email to send them a packing checklist, a bucket list of destinations, or maybe your biography focusing on your areas of expertise.


Travel is usually a big purchase, and often clients may have second thoughts or buyer’s remorse.  Use your service to help alleviate that with a series of follow-ups to a purchase. Thank them, reinforce what a good decision they made, and send them some information on the destination/tour/cruise.


Ideally, we’d like to sell insurance with every sale at the time a deposit is made. Reality dictates otherwise. Use your program to cross-sell the insurance. Send them a reminder quote along with examples of coverages. Hit their inboxes in advance of deadlines to purchase.


Ideally, we’d also like to sell the presidential suite for every sale. Reality often dictates the Red Roof Inn. But some opportunities appear between deposit and travel that offer the opportunity to upgrade. Perhaps a cruise is not selling well. A new resort opened next door, and the booked one is now offering upgraded accommodations to suites. When these happen, trigger your email to spark that interest.

Post Travel

When the customer returns, once again trigger an email and invite them to take a survey on their trip—I use Survey Monkey, but there are many, and even Google Forms is decent. But in addition, make sure you ask them to give you a review on the appropriate social media sites. And be sure to make it easy on them and include links to your profile that will automatically open up the “leave a new review” screen.


We all know that the cheapest way to get a client is to have them already. And the next easiest and cheapest way is a referral. With travel being a larger ticket item, people feel much more comfortable if Mary or Bob had a good experience.  Again, use the email service to solicit referrals. Perhaps offer a finder’s fee in the form of an agency credit for the existing client.


No matter how many subscribers you have on the list, there will always be some subscribers who do not engage with you. Like Mike Marchev says…they’re forgetting you’re alive. So let them know. Target the ones that have not opened an email in a few months and remind them.

Helpful Content

And like reminders, there is never a wrong time to send useful content.  Set up the program to email your list quarterly with some content that can be helpful to them as they consider a trip now or in the future. There is plenty of evergreen content available.

Whether reducing the buyer’s remorse or improving the experience for your customers and prospects, the tactics mentioned will help retain those customers and prospects.  And as a bonus, once set up, there is very little effort to keep it going—much of it is automated!

Do you have any other uses for your emailing program?  Drop a comment below!

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