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Riding with VIA Rail Canada

Trains have been an iconic part of modern history since 1804. They have carried important goods to well-known cities and remote areas. Trains gave a vitality to the journey of travel, shortening trips— letting the traveler enjoy the scenery of vast forests of green and mountains that dominate the landscape. Today, the experience of these journeys are no less relevant. Which is where VIA Rail Canada steps in to keep everything on track.

VIA Rail (or VIA Rail Canada) started up operations on January 12, 1977, in Montreal. Soon after, they introduced a new way of uniting Canadians with many firsts, one being the transcontinental train. They were established as a Crown Corporation, merging the passenger networks of the Canadian National and Canadian Pacific railways. Later, in 1981, LRC (light, rapid, comfortable) train sets were delivered for use in the busy Quebec City / Windsor Corridor. And, as time went on, VIA Rail has won awards such as the Global Award from the World Travel Market, Safety Award from the Railway Association of Canada, and a Gold Parity Certification for their support of women in leadership. Add in a long-time focus on ecotourism and some of the finest luxury on wheels—and you’ve got a company that has taken its role of connecting Canadians to a new level.



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VIA Rail has an extensive network of train travel available for the traveler. These range from east to west coast, to central, and up the east coast of Canada. The Canadian, traveling from Toronto to Vancouver, is a rail journey between two of the country’s largest cities—while enjoying Canada’s finest scenery along the way. Travelers will take in the magnificent Canadian Rockies, in all of their glory, with views of prairies and pristine lakes.

The Adventure Routes take a different turn, taking travelers to the wilder parts of Canada. Churchill, in the far northern subarctic region, is one of those. Arriving from Winnipeg, here the Northern Lights dance across the sky, while polar bears are known to frequent the shores—depending on the time of year. The scenic forests of Sudbury to White River, or the waterfalls of Montreal to Jonquière, discovering untouched lands from the comfort of VIA Rail Canada is an adventure in itself.


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Though there are more routes, like The Ocean—which cruises on the rail along the eastern Canadian coast—where small towns on calm coasts and bays overlook rocky waterways full of magic. There’s also the Ontario-Quebec Corridor, where the passenger will travel through the major cities of Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec City and Montreal; all are cities rich in culture, activities, and sites. The combined routes with VIA Rail Canada shows the full character of Canada’s most popular wonders.

But, even with a history that ties into the Canadian identity itself, and the extensive routes available, VIA Rail continues to deliver new levels of comfort, accessibility, and sustainability… like their current Fleet Replacement Program. This program will add 32 new train sets with fully accessible features, for travelers with different needs. A 85-95% reduction in particulate matter from new engines cuts pollution dramatically.

Cultured cities await arrival. The pristine nature full of mountains, waterfalls, coasts, and subarctic environments await arrival. When riding through Canada, trains are a romantic way to see a land of beauty. VIA Rail Canada is for the traveler who enjoys the journey and the destination, as well as comfort and luxury.

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