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United to resume service of their 777’s

United Airlines Aircraft

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has cleared United Airlines for the return of 52 Boeing 777s grounded after an engine failure in February 2021. The planes represent 10% of United’s current capacity. The FAA grounded the planes after one of United’s 777-200s suffered an engine failure, dropping debris in a residential area.  No injuries were reported. More than a year has passed since the grounding after the February 2021 incident. The FAA has mandated a number of engine modifications.

United reportedly was suspending seven routes out of Newark and Washington Dulles in June because of an aircraft shortage caused by the grounding of so many aircraft. United hopes to be placing the planes into service as early as next week pending final approval and to have as many as 20 of them in the air by the end of June.

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