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Wallethub Report: Best summer travel destinations

Downtown Orlando

Personal finance website Wallethub has released a report on the best summer travel destinations. The report surveys 100 domestic travel destinations across six categories such as travel costs and “hassles”, local costs, attractions, weather, activities, and safety. The destinations chosen were 100 of the most populated metro areas.

Orlando scored the highest combined total, followed by the Washington, D.C area, Tampa, St Petersburg, Austin, Tx, and Salt Lake City. The report scores Santa Rosa, California as the lowest travel costs and the fewest hassles with McAllen, Texas having the highest costs and most hassles.

Chicago was the metro area with the most attractions with Deltona, Florida the destination with the least attractions. Jackson, Mississippi ranked the lowest on the number of activities, with Orlando having the most. Wallethub ranked Cape Coral, Florida to be the safest metro area, with Phoenix Arizona being the least safe.

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