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Luxury Views in NYC and Beyond

New York City has its share of experiences for all manner of travelers. It is a city of many cultures showcased in the food, culture, architecture, art, and the heartbeat that thrives throughout NYC. This makes it a versatile city, able to provide a spectrum of travelers with tours and new memories of wonder at how so many people have called it home and evolved the rhythm and sites of this iconic city. With all there is to do, Beyond Times Square has curated a few luxury tours to show the traveler how it’s done in the most multicultural city in the United States.

For foodies, there is no greater treasure that springs from the ovens of NYC than a pizza. NYC is often hailed as the pizza capital of the US, and for good reason. This all started in the early 1900s when Italian immigrants put their own spin on Neapolitan-style pizza from Italy. Particularly the first licensed pizzeria in the US started in 1905, Lombardi’s in the section of NYC known as Little Italy. Though you won’t find a slice of pizza for just 5¢ anymore, there are pizza experts to take the traveler on history and taste tours of well-known pizzerias. And, while they’re at it, might as well add the sweet Italian treat of gelato to top off these experiences.

Getting around NYC can be a complicated affair for those unfamiliar with the bustling streets and sprawling Metro subway system. There are many ways to do this with knowledgeable guides. Active travelers may enjoy a biking journey through the streets and pathways specifically engineered for bicycles. Explore NYC’s history, movie locations, and other little-known facts around areas like Central Park South, Times Square, Herald Square (home of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade), the High Line, and the Hudson River down to Battery Park. Add in biking around the prolific Central Park, and the traveler will have memories to last a lifetime.

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The waterways of NYC separate islands and boroughs, providing panoramic views of the city from a different perspective. This is where a private yacht cruise comes into the picture. Operated by a US Coast Guard captain, these tours traverse the Hudson River, past the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island as well as Governors Island, cruise under the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, and Williamsburg Bridge all the way up to the Queensboro Bridge. Then along the East River for a view of Manhattan’s lower tip where the downtown skyline, the most well-known site in NYC, fills the horizon. All done while the sunset provides a colorful palette perfect for golden hour photography.

When it comes to luxury tours in New York City, Beyond Times Square has so many more options than the ones mentioned in this article—especially for the holidays. New Year’s Eve, when the ball dropping in Times Square is broadcast around the world, the traveler can be treated to a private gala at a venue that overlooks Times Square. Or perhaps a view of the Thanksgiving parade from a private party at an upscale steak house, where all the floats, balloons, marching bands, and more pass by the floor-to-ceiling windows. Whether within Times Square or outside, Beyond Times Square is ready to take the luxury on a grand journey through the heart of luxury in NYC.

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