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Pick One

There are times when the business of travel planning can be a bit overwhelming. There are bills to pay, meetings to attend, and marketing that needs to be done. Clients are calling with completely unreasonable requests, and that hotel still has not paid the commission on a trip completed in June. Your desk is covered in paper.

The drawbacks to disorganization are all too familiar to me. I’m not a detail person, and my inability to work methodically shows. I clean my offices in flurries of activity and almost always uncover some important detail that was due to be completed yesterday. Every other important activity, like marketing and sales, suffers as a result. There’s little good to be said about clutter, and yet, somehow, we too often persist in a bad habit.


iStock_000021580511SmallIf you share my organizational disability, you probably also share some of the stress I experience as a result. Let’s tackle this one together.

Watch a real professional handle a situation like this, and you will discover something. A hard worker can handle a thousand tasks at a time. A real expert can handle a thousand things one at a time. Instead of becoming overwhelmed, the smart travel advisor prioritizes and picks one thing from the pile, takes care of it, and then picks out the next thing. If prioritizing seems too difficult, skip that step. Just pick one, do it, then pick another.

Step back from the chaos and quiet your mind. Pick up one thing. Get it done. Then pick up the next. Soon, you will be running your business instead of being run by it.

Now, I have some work to do.

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