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Japan More Than Doubles Daily Visitor Limit

Mount Fuji and Chureito Pagoda at sunrise in autumn, Japan.

Beginning Sept. 7th, Japan will double its maximum number of daily visitors to 50,000. This announcement also comes with the allowance of non-guided package tours, both a huge reversal in COVID-19 restrictions.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said that one of the purposes of opening was to participate in the growing international exchange, inviting tourists that wish “to benefit from the weaker yen.” This move comes as more countries are laxing COVID-19 restrictions.

Though, a tourism ministry official has been noted as saying that tourists are required to have a sponsor. This includes travel agencies in Japan that can be contacted if the visitor contracts COVID-19. Meaning that, even though non-guided visitors are allowed, they must come to Japan with a travel agency.

The current rules require the tourist to reserve a guided tour before applying for a visa, which is soon to change on Sept. 7th.

The PM went on to say that further restrictions may be eased, depending on the conditions of Japan and countries abroad.

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