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Key Luxury Villa Rental Trends that Travel Advisors & Their Clients Should Know

An increasing number of travelers today are looking to stay in luxury villa rentals due to the increased personalization, space, and home-away-from-home experience that they provide. As a result, trends are rapidly emerging in the luxury villa rental industry that differs from traditional hotel tendencies. Here’s a look at five trends travel advisors and their clients should know:

Book Now for Holiday and Quarter One Travel to the Caribbean and Mexico, and Summer 2023 European Travel

While the holidays, new year, and summer 2023 may feel ages away, luxury villa rentals in key markets are already beginning to book up. Travelers that would like to stay in a luxury tropical oasis in the Caribbean or Mexico in the first few months of 2023 should begin booking properties now in order to ensure their ideal location, room count, and amenities are available. Those looking to travel this holiday season, notably the busiest weeks of the year, should know luxury villa rental bookings have reflected that demand. Additionally, the summer travel trend of vacationing in Europe has not flustered and will continue to surge in the year ahead.

Experiential Travel is Important

After so much time spent locked down over the past couple of years, travelers are looking to make up for lost time by splurging on over-the-top experiences. This key trend is important as advisors and guests should lean into trusted villa rental providers that offer concierge services in order to provide guests with customized, unique experiences. From organizing golfing opportunities on some of the best courses in the world and private in-villa cooking lessons from a world-renowned chef to planning a birthday party with a petting zoo filled with exotic animals like emu, zebras, and kangaroo, the concierge is there to create magic moments.

Villa in Costa Rica

Two Week Plus Stays Are Trending

Many travelers are looking to get away for at least two weeks as a result of the ability to work remotely and the desire to make up for lost time from the pandemic. The rise of workcations has led travelers to increasingly opt to stay in luxury villa rentals. To take full advantage of ample time away, luxury villa rentals are a top option as they provide plenty of room for the entire group, a talented team of villa staff – from butlers, maids, and personal chefs – and a concierge team who can organize any activity.

Multi-Generational Travel is Here to Stay

Families who may have put reunions, holidays, or milestone celebrations on hold throughout the pandemic are increasingly looking to reconnect and celebrate with their loved ones through travel. Families now feel vacationing at a luxury villa rental is an easy, hassle-free way to reconnect, spend quality time together, and engage in activities for all ages rather than waiting for the holiday season. This newfound appreciation for multi-generational trips is expected to continue for years to come as the best, lifelong memories are made on vacation.

Luxury Villa Rentals Are Amping Up Healthy and Organic Food Options

Travelers are prioritizing travel to destinations able to cater to a variety of diets while still providing decadent, delicious food. Luxury villa rentals have a proven track record of the ability to indulge guests with personalized food options, even making separate meals for guests if necessary, a feat many hotels are unable to match. With an array of different eating preferences and dietary restrictions at play, travelers are taking into account where they are able to stay on track and eat foods that leave them feeling their best.

As travel continues to evolve, luxury villa rentals have emerged as the ultimate accommodation option as they have proven time and time again their ability to provide unforgettable memories for their guests. With this rise in guests booking luxury villas, it is important for advisors and travelers to familiarize themselves with travel trends to take full advantage of their cherished vacation time.

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