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Modern River Cruising, with American Cruise Lines

When it comes to river and coastal sailing in the United States, American Cruise Lines has been at the top of the game since 1991. Not only have they provided sophisticated cruising for travelers since then, but they have also continued to update their fleet with new ships ready to provide unique scenery on the Mississippi and the Columbia and Snake Rivers. And they’ve done it again, with anticipation for the first voyage of the American Symphony approaching in August.

As part of the modernization of their fleet, American Symphony has taken elements of the ships that cruise the European rivers and brought them to the shores of the United States… particularly the shores of the mighty Mississippi River. The ship carries 175 passengers. Similar to her sibling ship, American Melody, the interior has been updated in design and comfort.

The creation of the American Symphony is a continuation of ACL’s increase in modern riverboats since March 1, 2017, when they announced five new river ships and their release dates: American Song in 2018; American Harmony, 2019; American Jazz, 2020; American Melody, 2021—and now, the most recent ship in 2022, the American Symphony.

The American Symphony has 91 rooms, each ranging from 250 to 650 square feet. And all 91 of them offer up full-size bathrooms, roomy closets, and private balconies that give a pleasant morning view while the daily breakfast service is delivered. Options on rooms range from the Single Private Balcony, perfect for a solo traveler at 250 sq ft, to the Grand Suite Private Balcony, coming in at 650 sq ft. with floor-to-ceiling glass windows covering the outside wall. Regardless of size, American Cruise Lines has dedicated a lot of time to make sure that the comforts of the passengers are paramount.

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Passengers can explore five decks of cabins, entertainment, and lounging. For dining, the dining room and Ellipse Café serve up region-inspired Mississippi meals such as Cajun and Creole cuisine. The gym, yoga studio, and walking/jogging track let the traveler stay in shape—with an outside fitness area for fresh air while they work out. The natural light of the open-floor atrium, through the middle of the ship, spills in from two skylights. And the sundeck covering the top of the ship is perfect for enjoying the sun and seeing the sites—all accessible with two elevators, for those with issues walking up stairs.

The inaugural journey of the American Symphony departs from New Orleans on August 27th and will offer partial and full cruises along the Mississippi. With prices now starting at $4,615 for an Upper Mississippi River Cruise, and $15,260 for the Complete Mississippi River Cruise, this summer is set to be one full of journeys and exciting views through the heart of the United States.

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