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Rome: An Overlooked Winter Wonderland

Once the capital of a sprawling empire, Rome has persisted through the ages as a spectacle of awe. From the Colosseum, once a place that embodied this very spectacle, to the intricate stonework of the Trevi Fountain, to the immaculately maintained Pantheon—Rome is full of sights to behold. This classically romantic city has much to offer, even in the winter when the crowds have thinned out and the heat of a humid summer has subsided.

  • Here, the phrase ‘Rome was not built in a day’ fits in the most appropriate way. Some historians date its legend of creation to 753 BC, though it started as smaller villages merging into one city. That’s almost (according to legend) 2775 years of existence, making Rome full of historic viewing opportunities and a cultural foundation in the old world and new. This comes across in the ancient architecture spread across the city.
  • The Colosseum once held major events with a roaring crowd of 65,000 spectators and is as grand as pictures portray, which is why it remains Rome’s top attraction. Then there’s the Piazza di Trevi, a fountain with a large intricately detailed scene of the god Neptune and his chariot. There is also The Pantheon, The Spanish Steps, and the many other stunning plazas around the city of Rome. With a multitude of other sights, including many museums full of priceless art showing the progression of Roman culture through the ages, there is almost no end to the interesting sites in Rome.
  • With the creation of these works over thousands of years came the love of culinary and wine arts in Rome. The Roman art in food comes from simple techniques that are humble in nature, yet the flavors pop in distinct ways on the taste palette. Romans will often use funky pecorino, black pepper and other strong flavors, to create a hardy meal worthy of savoring. Local Lazio wines(the region of Italy where Rome rests) are not known as widely as Tuscany or Abruzzo, and are primarily white wines. These are a perfect pairing with local dishes served all around Rome.
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  • The crowds in Rome are busiest during spring and early fall, often causing lines at many of the attractions around the city. The high temperatures in summer, combined with the high humidity, make winter a pleasant alternative. Snow is a rare occurrence in Rome; so the traveler will have no issue with trudging through slush on the way to all the sights, sounds, and tastes of the city.

And, when it comes to winter travel in Rome, Avanti Destinations has set up tours through Italy that include Rome. From guided tours around many major attractions, to luxury accommodations at a 4-star hotel, to wine tastings and a dinner party hosted by a local Roman home, Avanti has it all planned out for the traveler. No matter where the traveler turns in Rome, there is classical beauty to be found—for the eyes, the appetite, and the soul.

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