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Belize-It! UnCruise Adventures Rolls Out Ultimate Eclipse Cruise for Belize 2023 Season

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UnCruise Adventures launches an extended specialty sailing perfectly positioned for the viewing of the annular eclipse in 2023. The one-time 9-Day cruise will offer magnificent landscapes, natural surroundings, and ocean viewing from a private vessel for the atmospheric event. Departing October 13th, 2023, guests will have the opportunity to join other eclipse enthusiasts and experienced guides for the ring of fire eclipse visibility off the coast of Belize. The all-inclusive sailing starts at $6,900 per person. This fleeting phenomenon is a journey of a lifetime for photography lovers, nature lovers, and umbraphiles.

The 66-guest Safari Voyager passenger vessel will provide viewing for the annular eclipse culminating in a celebratory toast with the crew. The small ship will then sail on to Ranguana Caye, a private island, for snorkeling, paddle boarding, and a private beach party before setting off the next day for Las Escobas Rainforest and Tapon Creek Nature Reserve. Guests will experience the local Garifuna culture and history. The week continues sailing to Guatemala, visiting the Kekchi Mayan community, then on to Punta Gorda and Payne’s Creek National Park, Belize, for more wildlife, culture, and exploration amongst the country’s sanctuaries.

Belize has always had an immense appeal for travelers and nature lovers, with 2022 and 2023 showing a spike in travel bookings to Belize. UnCruise Adventures has already experienced this influx of bookings with high occupancy for its long-awaited 2022 Belize season kick-off.

“I can’t express how excited I am to finally be offering our Belize small ship cruise,” shares CEO Captain Dan Blanchard, who first visited Belize on a sailing charter 2003 and spent extensive periods researching the destination since 2012 with multiple research and development trips in 2019 and 2022.

“Our first season has shown the interest is high for Belize. It will offer a bonus with our exclusive Eclipse, Rivers & Reefs sailing in 2023,” he states. “What a special time to be onboard. Some people go their whole lives without seeing an eclipse. Now we have the perfect vantage point for viewing onboard in the Caribbean surrounded by natural beauty.”

Guests will glide over the Caribbean waters spotting marine life, enjoying a fully experienced crew, naturalists, and interpretation of the surroundings. The multi-day, multi-activity cruise offers an excellent option for kids and adults ages 8- 98.

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