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Four Seasons Prepares a Superyacht—and Many Travel Advisors Are Ready to Sell It

Four Seasons Yacht

Four Seasons this week offered up details on what it says will be the roomiest—and costliest—cruise ship on the sea. And while some travel advisors said the price point likely will be too high for their customers, others are ready to hear more details and then go right out and sell it.

Debuting in 2025, Four Seasons Yachts already has an option to build three ships, for more than $1 million euro, and lined up some of the biggest names in the luxury sailing world, including luxury cruise veteran Larry Pimentel, who has headed Azamara, Seabourn and SeaDream Yacht Club, along with Nadim Ashi, Philip Levine and Fincantieri.

At a cost of $4.2 million per suite, “no expense is being spared in terms of the remarkable custom design,” Four Seasons promises, with each suite offering nearly 50% more living space per guest than is currently available. The ships “will be marked by bespoke craftsmanship, personalized service and a dedication to excellence, appealing to discerning guests looking to reimagine their love of travel by experiencing the splendour of modern sea voyaging.”

Each suite will have floor-to-ceiling windows (and with ceiling heights of more than 7.9 feet, that’s quite a view), terrace decks, and an “extensive network of joining suite combinations” that can be put together to form villa-like residences. Suites will start at an average of 581 square feet of indoor/outdoor living space, but more than half will be larger than 818 square feet. The biggest of them all, the four-story Funnel Suite, will comprise 9,601 square feet of indoor and outdoor space, including a private wading pool and spa.

Pimentel promised to create “an unprecedented luxury lifestyle project” and “the pinnacle yachting offering through world-class design, curated experiences, and truly exceptional service.”

“There will be nothing else like it on the open seas,” he said.

Sell your Client’s Budget, Not Your Own

We did reach out to Four Seasons for further details of their pricing. Their reply: “Costing will vary with the individual itineraries, and will be announced once reservations open. More details will be shared as they become available and are announced. Please continue to visit Additionally, we will continue to share more information and details on the Four Seasons brand InstagramFacebook and Twitter channels.”

In the meantime, while some travel advisors with whom we spoke pooh-poohed the idea as a playground for billionaires and Bitcoin nouveau riche, and many prayed for fam trips (sorry, I call dibs on the Funnel Suite if there’s a press trip), others stepped right up to the plate and called for the details that will let them start selling.

“I’ll wait to see the prices before I comment,” said one anonymously. “But I have some very high-end clients that spend $50,000 on a cabin all the time. Let’s see what they offer.”

But others are raring to go.

“As a travel professional, I am always looking for an opportunity to introduce clients to a product they will love. We’re matchmakers after all,” says Phillip Archer at Roaming Richly Travel in Burlingame, CA. “The idea of designing an experience on a luxury vessel is far more exciting to me than trying to make a ship the size of a city seem special.”

“There will be a market for this and I intend to try to sell it for sure,” said Karen Shelton at Luxury Travel PhD in Charlotte, NC. “Four Seasons is a consistent, trusted brand and they routinely sell out of their private jet experiences. I also trust that Larry Pimentel is the right person for a successful launch.”

“The Four Seasons brand always delivers quality and service,” said Lainey Melnick at Dream Vacations in Westlake Hills, TX. “There definitely will be loyal Four Seasons guests who will fill these yachts. I can’t wait to sell them.”

And the time is right, with clients headed upmarket after Covid lockdowns, many said.

In short, “I would absolutely sell it,” said Nick Pena at Cruise Planners. “Many clients want to stand out, they want the best. Luxury properties and ships buy them status, pride, respect and admiration from others. For many it’s not just the experience, it’s the status. I for one can’t wait to know more. Luxury travel is booming and I wish to be at the forefront by offering my clients the best.”

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