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Punta Cana, More Than Resorts

On the eastern tip of the Dominican Republic sits the second-most popular destination in Latin America, Punta Cana. Only 236 miles from Puerto Rico, it brings in more visitors than any city in the Caribbean and receives 64% of all flights arriving in the Dominican Republic. It is a classic white-sand beach and sun vacation for all manner of travelers, from couples to the young, to families—but Punta Cana also has a side for the luxury traveler.

Activities around Punta Cana include the obvious like relaxing on pristine beaches, where the worries of the work weeks are shed. Beyond that, those that prefer to be in the water can snorkel or dive below the waves. Above water, parasailing and wakeboarding can wake the excitement of cruising along the turquoise waters. Then for times to the land adventures on Punta Cana, the traveler can go horseback riding, ziplining, or 4×4 off-roading. Add in the Indigenous Ecological Park, with a petting zoo and iguana farm, and adventures abound.

Coconut Palm trees on white sandy beach in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Beachfront in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Punta Cana is also well-known for its unparalleled golf courses. Starting with the Teeth of the Dog course in the 1970s, this island getaway has grown to be a destination known for its courses. Now Punta Espada is the leader of the pack, described by Golf Digest as, “big-boy golf”— making it an excellent challenge for the more experienced golfer. Choices abound as the luxury traveler will find seaside courses such as Corales Golf Course with greens overlooking rocky cliffs down to the ocean, or the La Cana Golf Course nestled up to palm trees dotting sand beaches. There are, as this is a premier golf destination, many other courses for the traveler to choose from.

And, while Punta Cana has one of the most well-rounded resort areas in the world, there are more ways than staying at a typical resort to enjoy the atmosphere of this gem in the Caribbean. One of these ways is providing the luxury traveler with a villa of the same caliber as their expectations. Imagine, a private space for them to be pampered in a hands-off way—a space for any type of luxury traveler. And that’s where Rental Escapes comes in.

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To quote their website, “We create personalized holiday experiences for discerning guests in luxury vacation rentals around the world.” And the villas in Punta Cana are a fine example of this. For families, there are villas to provide a luxury setting with family-friendly amenities. For the lovers looking for a romantic getaway, an intimate villa to enrich budding, or long-term, love. Or, for those that want to start their day looking out pristine beaches, a beachfront villa with views of the ocean up waking in luxury. Then there are the staffed villas, where the traveler is pampered in true luxury.

Luxury in travel is a state of mind, an experience for the traveler to rest in lavishness. The destination and lodging are essential parts of this experience. Punta Cana brings these together in harmony with luxury villas, beyond picturesque beaches, and plenty of activities—and Rental Escapes hopes to help you show the traveler the time of their life.

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