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London, Past and Present All at Once

On first approach, the most noticeable part of London’s skyline is glass and steel—a modern society reaching for greater heights. As one gets closer, the London Bridge shows off its 700-year transformation from a stone-built medieval structure to concrete and steel. Big Ben (aka. Great Bell) stands tall, counting the 163 years on a clock face since it’s been built. Yet, an even closer look shows a city that keeps its roots close.

Food and Drink

An essential part of every trip is good food and, often, delicious drinks. London has both in ample supply, particularly with the diverse mix of traditional and multicultural foods from immigrants relocating to the city. The classic fish and chips (fries to Americans) dish, bangers and mash, a full English breakfast… all simple and hearty meals to continue a day of roaming the many sights London has to offer.

For the less English-traditional meals, authentic Chinese food in Chinatown or London’s most popular dish, chicken tikka masala, from Indian cuisine. London pubs and breweries are an addon worth it for the drinkers. The traveler can enjoy a pint at pubs that have been around for centuries, a brewery of craft beers, of perhaps a tour through a gin distillery (flight tastings often included).

Rustic full English breakfast with bacon, tomatoes, sausage, eggs, beans, mushrooms

Sights of London

London is full of sights to witness the passage of centuries up close. The towering Westminster Abbey has over a thousand years of history (960AD), and there are daily services. It will also be the location of King Charles III’s coronation on May 6th, 2023—as it has been for all coronations and other royal events like weddings.

Museums such as the Tate Modern are a walk through modern art, or there’s the Natural History Museum featuring some world-famous historical exhibits of the history of life on Earth.

Watching a play at Shakespeare’s Globe theater is a checkoff for those into the works of the legendary bard. The Tower of London, once used as a prison containing torture chambers, now holds the Crown Jewels and has tours through the castle and World Heritage Site. For green spaces within London limits, Hyde Park is one of four Royal Parks in London for taking in relaxation.

Westminster Abbey, London

Nearby Palaces and Gardens

This city is also convenient when making way to other parts of Great Britain by efficient rail systems. One of the most well-known of these is run by the 200-year-old Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), the UK’s leading gardening charity; and one of their prize gardens is the RHS Garden Harlow Carr in Yorkshire—only two hours away from London.

Another wonderful place to see immaculately cultivated gardens is Blenheim Palace. This English Baroque style is a sight to behold. From the stone gateway that leads into a massive courtyard, straight into a view of a gorgeous example of opulence (inside and out), to the Formal Gardens surrounding the palace. The gardens are a walk through serene ponds, open areas with manicured hedges and statues, and pathways in shade with low-hanging trees. Or run across a magnificent fountain hidden away.

The tropical garden section of RHS Garden Harlow Carr

An Atmosphere of Art and Culture

London checks most of the boxes for a getaway, whether the traveler’s fancy is a wide array of cuisines, or simply taking in the scenery of traditional architecture. Art and culture fill the atmosphere with a palpable sense of growth, the old intertwining with the new.

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