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Mt. Fuji, The Mighty Art of Nature

Japan is known for its sprawling metropolises, cities that bask in the light of every color from signs and advertisements. Yet, outside these massive cities is an island country with natural beauty that shines bright on the pale petals of the cherry blossom—on the delightful purple of the wisteria tree. Adored by Japanese poets and painters is a sight that soars above them all, the UNESCO World Heritage Mt. Fuji.

  • Mt. Fuji is located on the island of Honshu and is considered to be the highest mountain in Japan. The elevation at the peak reaches 12,389 ft, a towering presence on the horizon that is snow-capped for about five months of the year. Dominating the landscape, it is visible from Tokyo (62 mi away) on a clear day. Atop the peak of this mountain sits a 2-mile-wide crate often covered by clouds.
  • This mountain is climbable to the peak, though getting to the crater at the top will take quite a bit of work. However, there are stations at different altitudes along the way that the traveler can take in panoramic views. A total of ten stations are available, with the 5th station being one of the more popular ones. This station is approximately halfway up Mt. Fuji at 7,545 ft, where platforms and available food can replenish the traveler.
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  • Nearby Mt. Fuji is Lake Kawaguchi, one of the Fuji Five Lakes. This serene lake offers up a magnificent view of Mt. Fuji for pictures and memory, but it is also surrounded by forests of autumn colors in November and even a chance to see the iconic cherry blossom bloom into a sight well worth the traveler’s time in April. Next to the lake is a hot spring resort town called Kawaguchiko. After a cruise around the lake, this city’s museums, spas, and trails can all be experienced.

Capturing the sheer scale of Mt. Fuji with words or images alone is improbable. It’s an experience that must be seen standing beside this majestic mountain, or perhaps atop it. This destination and the surrounding areas are easily accessed by train from all major cities. And Elite Voyages has setup up a FAM Tour for Japan Cherry Blossom. Set for 2023, the dates are March 9-17 & April 13-21. This FAM will show the Travel Agent a wide variety of Japan, including Tokyo, Kyoto, Mt. Fuji, and the above-mentioned Lake Kawaguchi.

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Japan Cherry Blossom FAM Tour

2023 Dates: Mar 9-17 / Apr 13-21

Highlights of this FAM tour include Mt. Fuji, Fushimi Inari Shrine, Kinkakuji Temple, Kiyomizudera Temple, Japanese Tea plantation, and MORE!

Japan Sojourn

8 Days / 6 Nights

On this tour, we will take you to the capital city of Japan, Tokyo, and the ancient capital city of Kyoto. Experience the juxtaposition of both modern-day and ancient worlds with these two cities, and experience the traditions, food, sights, and sounds, that Japan has to offer on Elite Voyages “Japan Sojourn, 8-days, 6-nights” tour and get lost in a world unknown.

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