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10 Traits That Make a Good Salesperson

Salespeople have gotten a bad rap over the years. Who enjoys the car buying experience or negotiating with the cable salesperson? But there are times when dealing with a salesperson is a grand experience. Have you ever shopped at Nordstrom or a quality jeweler? A good salesperson can be a godsend when you are in over your head, like I am when buying jewelry. Or perhaps when someone is over their head in (dare I say) arranging their next vacation?  So what will differentiate you between the bad car salesperson and the one at Nordstrom’s?

First things first. If someone has contacted you, they are looking for help. Hard stop. They may be very serious about buying, or they may be second-guessing the choices they made online. The fact that they are contacting you gives you a tremendous opportunity to shine if you are good.  So let’s look at the traits that make an outstanding salesperson!

  1. Strong communication skills: A good salesperson must be able to clearly and effectively communicate the benefits of using a travel professional and the products they represent.
  2. Persuasion skills: A good salesperson must persuade a customer to pull the trigger. You must ask for the sale and close the deal!
  3. Confidence: A good salesperson must have confidence in themselves and the products they are representing. Confidence shows; if a client senses a lack of it, they will walk.
  4. Positive attitude: A good salesperson must have a positive attitude and maintain it even when the going gets tough. No one wants to deal with an Eeyore!
  5. Adaptability: A good salesperson must adapt to different situations and (more importantly) different customers. You will not deal with the businessperson looking to buy and get back to work, the same as you would with the family that just happened to stop by to “see what you had.”
  6. Knowledge of the product or service: A good salesperson must thoroughly know the product or service they are selling. This is a no-brainer, and where critical supplier and industry training and experiences come into play!
  7. Strong work ethic: A good salesperson must have a strong work ethic and be willing to put in the time and effort necessary to be successful. My dad always said nothing comes easy. It’s true. If you put in minimal effort, expect minimal results. That’s why most MLM travel companies fail.
  8. Time management skills: A good salesperson must have strong time management skills and be able to prioritize tasks to maximize sales. Deadlines R Us! There are so many critical deadlines, and if they are not effectively managed, they could be catastrophic.
  9. Listening skills: A good salesperson must be a good listener and understand the needs and wants of potential customers. This is a critical skill and one that is often overlooked. Back in the day, when we advertised in the Sunday paper, there might be a Bahamian vacation added, but by listening to a client, you might realize that the Bahamas is the wrong destination or experience.
  10. Problem-solving skills: A good salesperson must have the ability to identify and solve problems.  Unfortunately, we have problems. Address them head-on and communicate with all parties to ensure the resolution is as good as possible.

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