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Host Agency Reviews’ Host Week Registration Opens for 2023

For hosted advisors, knowing all the facts about different host agencies is a must. Yet, sometimes the facts found on the host company’s website aren’t the whole story. That’s where Host Agency Reviews will come to the rescue, in specific Host Week 2023. Now in its third year, registration is open for this virtual event featuring notable keynote speakers, offers, and information for advisors of all levels.

Host Week 2023 will be held virtually from Jan. 23rd to Jan. 27th. The registration numbers are already pouring in. “We’re thrilled that in our third year, we’re seeing 1,300 registrants and have our most robust host/consortia interviews as well as educational sessions ever.”, said Founder Steph Lee.

This event started in 2020 free to attend, and remains free to attend in 2023.

Steph went on to say, “The event has something for everyone—experienced advisors, new advisors, hosted advisors, independently accredited advisors.”

The keynote speakers featured during Host Week will be Stephanie Lee, HAR Founder; Mark Casto, ASTA, Chairman of the Board; Jackie Roby, Founder and CEO, Inspired Journey Consulting; David Chait, Travefy CEO and Founder, and Travis Pittman, CEO, TourRadar. But many more advisors and travel industry experts of all levels will be available to see.

The full schedule will include:

  • 20+ (and counting) exclusive travel advisor promotions from industry partners (including hosts, suppliers, and travel organizations)
  • Daily keynote speeches from industry leaders
  • 40 host agency and consortia interviews to help familiarize advisors with their individual company culture
  • 25+ mini and full EduSpot workshops from industry experts
  • An announcement of HAR’s annual Luminary awards, which recognizes the best host agencies of 2023

All of the speakers will be recorded and available later. Though, Steph and the crew over at Host Agency Reviews recommend registering for the event to stay up to date on any schedule updates or offers available for attendees. You can find their registration page and full schedule at Registration for Host Week.

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