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Integrated Booking and Payments With WeTravel

Founded in 2016, WeTravel was built to support travel businesses by digitizing and simplifying the travel booking and payment process. Now used by more than 3,000 travel companies—to transact with nearly 500,000 travelers and thousands of suppliers, annually— the platform has revolutionized how the travel industry manages their businesses. With a suite of integrated SaaS and FinTech solutions that fit into an intuitive platform, WeTravel enables businesses to increase sales conversion, trim administration time, and manage fund transfers from travelers and to suppliers globally.

The team at WeTravel spans the world, with over 130 global employees on five continents. But they started with an idea to help the booking and payment process for local-based travel businesses. It was when co-founder Johannes Koeppel, current CPO, was volunteering with the Red Cross. He saw a need to create tools that integrate an outdated system of payments, booking, and clear itineraries. He soon found co-founders in this same pursuit including CTO Garib Mehdiyev, and COO Zaky Prabowo.

And thus, WeTravel was born.

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Today the company has tools that cover many of the logistics when managing payments, accomplishing that goal to help local-based travel businesses. WeTravel’s system lets the Advisor feel comfortable with a system that is more reliable and customizable than using most backend solutions. The user interface has a mobile-optimized checkout for ease on the go.

Fees are standard, obvious, and upfront:

  • 1% (+0.30 cents) per most transactions
  • Bank transfers and eChecks free of any additional charges
  • Up to 3.9% All major debit and credit cards (which can be paid by the Agent or included in client billing)
  • Payments types also include the USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUR, ZAR, and others

But their evolution also led them in creating a system of tools for tracking multi-day travel, as well as enhancing the Advisor’s voice. The itinerary builder helps easily keep track of and verify the specifics of day-to-day plans. The added Google Analytics integration keeps track of numbers for the Agent, which will assist in the marketing and email assets WeTravel offers.

All levels of plans available include unlimited trips, bookings, and team members. They also include integrated processing through WeTravel or with a connected Stripe account. Then there’s the support, which seemed to be something all reviews of WeTravel talked about. Reviewers over many different sites raved about the support team and how helpful they were.

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Though, there are obviously increased perks with each tier. The basic being for those that are starting their journey to success in the travel industry. The pro plan is for the teams and companies that have come together to succeed. While the enterprise plan lets the agents customize the experience to better suit their strategies.

WeTravel has added webinars and courses as well. With over 50 currently available webinars to view, they continue to create these webinars through the WeTravel Academy. These range from travel law to fraud, automation to disputes, to talks on the future of bookings and payments. Plus, courses on growing within many different areas of the travel industry. As well as programs like Titans of Travel and Women in Travel.

WeTravel is in the business of helping Agents and Agencies increase their productivity through efficiency of booking and payments. Yes, they may have added other worthwhile perks along the way. What they do best, however, is make life easier with simple and effective ways to organize the logistics of travel, to better focus on the traveler and their needs.

To find out more about WeTravel, please see the webinar that TRO and WeTravel are putting on below. This webinar will be recorded and available for viewing after this date.

What is WeTravel?

Wed, Feb 22, 2023

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EST

With WeTravel’s platform, your travel business’s operations become seamless and efficient. You can create bespoke trip pages in minutes. You’re able to integrate customizable payment plans into your travelers’ bookings. Your team can handle and transfer funds instantly, all over the world. Join this webinar to learn how WeTravel is revolutionizing the travel space for advisors booking multi-day trips.

View the Webinar Here

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