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Pinterest Launches “Black Travel Hub”

Black Travel Hub montage of Pinterest postings

Social media platform Pinterest has announced the launch of a new program to celebrate Black History Month – the Black Travel Hub. This initiative is designed to provide users with inspiration, education and guidance for travel to destinations across the world.

The hub’s content will be geared towards helping people explore places with a history tied to African American culture. From traditional tourist spots like Washington D.C., New Orleans and Montgomery, Alabama to lesser known destinations the Black Travel Hub will provide tailored insights on each location.

“In Pinterest’s Black travel hub, every Save, Board and Pin leads to global connection on our platform and in the real world,” says Malik Ducard, Chief Content Officer at Pinterest. “From seeing the first ever Black dude ranch in Bell Mountain, California, to watching a Black dance troupe in Madrid, our phenomenal creators and publisher partners have curated a colorful range of meaningful travel experiences throughout history.”

The service also aims to make it easier for people discover black-owned businesses in cities around the world. With categories such as “gender-inclusive spas” or “natural hair salons” – users can easily find establishments they know they can trust while traveling abroad.

In addition to providing a resource for discovering black-owned businesses during travels, Pinterest hopes to use the initiative as an opportunity to educate people about black history and culture through firsthand stories and photographs that are shared by creators of color living in these cities.

The content provided on The Black Travel Hub will feature articles and postings exploring cultures within countries around the world and examining their histories from an African perspective – something that often isn’t featured prominently in standard travel guides. And by highlighting these underappreciated voices of diverse communities all over the world, Pinterest hopes that The Black Travel Hub will be an important tool for connecting with different cultures while traveling.