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 This week TRO launches a new column highlighting the men and women who are the first line of support for travel professionals: res agents, help desks and business development managers.

PictureCasey T. Law has been with Vacation Express since July, 1997. Having started out as a Reservations Coordinator and working his way up to Group Department Manager, his duties and responsibilities have varied from intercepting heavy call volume and offering high-level customer service to managing and leading a team that organizes itineraries for various types of groups including leisure and corporate incentive clientele and weddings.

Working at Vacation Express is like being part of a family.  Everyone works together as a team in order to provide the best possible product and customer service in the industry, and each of us is appreciated for our strengths and contributions to the company’s success. Knowing that all of my colleagues strive to be personable, professional and productive makes it easy to come to work every day to share in the experience of the fast-paced travel business and ultimately exceed our clients’ expectations.

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