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Sometimes after looking for some online resources, I leave just shaking my head–or as the kids say now, SMH. Recently I was reading a travel forum last week and came across one that specialized in beach resorts. What struck me was the questions that were being asked. 

What struck me was the questions. I know the old adage about there not being any stupid questions; but I might suggest a corollary that there are plenty of incomplete ones!

So easy any Chimpanzee can do it

I was perusing a few traveler forums last week and came across one that specialized in beach resorts. The posters wanted Caribbean or Mexican vacations and were asking questions about them.

What struck me was the questions…

Finding a new pathway to success

Has anyone else changed or refined their niche and company’s sales strategy recently?

Although I opened my home based agency in 2007 and had over 25 years of sales and event planning experience, I never really felt like I had “made it.” I never felt the excitement and contentment that I had dreamed about for so many years when I thought about opening my own travel agency.

Sure, I had clients. I was selling general travel and cruises. I was always fighting the lower prices the Internet had to offer and working very hard to close the deal and provide excellent customer service. Because of all the time I spent taking care of these folks, I was not earning enough commission to compensate me for my time at an acceptable rate per hour. Read the rest of this entry »