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Unbundling Spirit Airlines

Everyone’s talking about Spirit Airlines and their carry-on fees these days.  The so-called “Unbundling” of fares has become the fodder for experts, pundits and bloggers alike.  Of course, I thought it only right that I weigh in with my own two cents.  Well, at least I wanted to weigh in with two cents, but I had to go to the bathroom on Ryanair and they took one of them.  So now I’m left with only one cent to give you.

Spirit Airlines have just released a statement saying their sales are up 50% since announcing this new carry-on fee policy, stating that this proves it is a success.  As my Grandmother was fond of saying, they’re counting their chickens well before they’ve hatched.  I believe they are going to be in for a whole world of trouble Read the rest of this entry »

Do I Really Need to be on Twitter?

It’s the monkey on my back. That nagging feeling that creeps its way into my thoughts whenever I’m online. It’s the pressure in my stomach I feel whenever I’m out with friends.

Why don’t we have a Facebook page yet?” says a colleague.

Ten Reasons Why Your Company Needs to Have a Blog!” shouts the email.

Uncle Frank just found a new client on Twitter. Why aren’t you Tweeting?” asks my mom. Read the rest of this entry »