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The Garden Route of South Africa

Along the southwestern coast of South Africa is an area that offers up diverse ways of experiencing Africa. The Western Cape is an astonishing destination with plenty of wilderness and wildlife, vineyards, and a deep history of native peoples. Its capital, Cape Town, is a great starting point for all the explorations the traveler will experience. But the real star of the show here is The Garden Route, a stretch of coastal highway along the southernmost tip of Africa with almost 200 miles of natural sites and fantastic stopovers for the traveler. Today’s article is brought to you by Central Holidays.

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Naples with ShoreTrips

Italy, as always, is a top-tier vacation for most travelers. But while most travelers have a tendency to choose Rome and Florence, they are missing out on one of the most authentic cities in Italy—Naples. Located on the southwest of the peninsula, Naples is a coastal city with a connection to other famous sites nearby; the well-preserved cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum which lie in the shadow of Mt. Vesuvius, and the picturesque Amalfi Coast. With a distinct culture and sites that showcase a different side of Italy, Naples is a choice destination for the traveler. Today’s 60-Second Geography is brought to you by ShoreTrips.

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The coasts of the Aegean Sea are widely known for their sun-soaked and relaxing atmosphere, but in the South Aegean lies one of the most popular: Santorini. Many images the traveler sees when they look up a trip to the Greek islands are of the bleached homes terraced atop rocky cliffs, turquoise blue water, and sunsets that make hearts melt into a romantic goo. From chic hotels to spectacular views, Santorini has a cure for travelers looking for an amazing getaway. Today’s 60-Second Geography is brought to you by Celestyal Cruises.

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Happening Havana

Locked away for decades, Cuba is has become THE destination since it was officially opened to American travelers. Lured by images of classic cars, the succinct words of Hemingway, and the colorful Spanish architecture—Cuba is an experience that is unlike any other. The capital, Havana, is the center of this experience, a city that must be felt through walking down the avenues and cruising in the cars rarely found elsewhere.

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Bali: Simply Paradise

In southeastern Asia, there is an island considered to be a true paradise by many. A place that wins so many awards in the travel industry, this article would run a bit too long to list them. The coasts are an immaculate example of where white sand meets tropical water. Where tiered temples accent lush jungles, stand in the reflections of tranquil waters. This island is Bali, a place that is wholly its own unique culture but welcomes the traveler with open arms and utopian sunsets. Read the rest of this entry »

Desirable Buenos Aires by Aerolineas Argentinas

Buenos Aires, Argentina is the perfect mix of Old European influence and the passionate culture of South America. The largest city in Argentina, it was named after the fair winds which drove the trade in and out of the city. This made the city a blender of culture from all around South America, and the world. From classic architecture to some of the best steaks in the world, Buenos Aires will delight the traveler with its sights and sounds.

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Having spent the majority of my professional career in the travel industry working with both Cruise Lines and Tour Operators, I joined the Celestyal Cruises North American team in February 2019 with a divine passion for cultural exploration, destination immersion and a devotion in expanding our products and services to our strategic partners in North America.

My role involves traveling Western North America to assist our strategic partners in helping grow their Celestyal Cruises business. Much of this time is devoted to client and agency visits, often for training, luncheons or virtual webinars conducted in house to home agents who don’t live in the ‘neighborhood’. In addition, I also conduct many webinars to assist with education for new clients/agencies on our newest product updates, additions, and company advancements.

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Dubai with Mill-Run Tours

Dubai is a different destination than others. It is an oasis of skyscrapers, man-made islands, and affluence in the middle of the desert. The city caters to the traveler with lavish lodging and choice shopping. Observation decks on the tallest buildings in the world give a view of a place that seems to spring from the sand. Dubai’s aesthetic is one of having one foot in tradition and one in the future. Read the rest of this entry »

A Look at ShoreTrips

ShoreTrips offers more than 2400 excursions and activities, all personally tested, in more than 500 destinations around the world. They travel the globe to find the best shore excursions, day activities and city sightseeing tours. Their high standards let them create outstanding trips, and along with their helpful tools and their expert staff, they continually garner support from clients and partners. Read the rest of this entry »

There is a place for everyone in this world, a personal paradise that encapsulates each person’s ideal destination. Some choose the beach, sipping on a cold margarita. Others climb mountains, taking in the dizzying heights. For others, the blazing colors of dense fall foliage, small Americana towns and scenic coasts of New England fit that dream place—especially when viewing the sites from a window of a train or car, as it winds through forests and mountains.

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Ricko Tindage is’s Director of Sales and Marketing. His task besides sales and marketing to the travel agent community…is also creating new tour products.

Originally from Bali, Indonesia, Ricko has called Los Angeles home since 1981.

His academic background was in the hotel management. He has had hotel stints in Jakarta, Indonesia; Brussels, Belgium and in Los Angeles. Instead of a career in the hotel industry, tour and travel industry have shaped the majority of his professional career.

He started in the travel industry in 1990, Ricko has always been in the hospitality industry, even his spouse was a former director of sales of a major U.S. hotel chain. Prior to working for he has served in several major U.S. tour operators namely UNIWORLD River Cruises and SITA World Tours. In between, he has developed and created small boutique-style tour operators specialized in incentive travels, honeymoons, destination weddings, luxury travels and leasing private jets. One of these tour companies was Romance Travel Concierge, a luxury boutique outfit based in Pasadena, CA, and he was president of the company. Read the rest of this entry »

Greenland’s Glaciers and Coasts

A land mass that is largely above the Arctic Circle, Greenland is a country covered mostly in ice. Though, the southwestern coasts are populated by smaller towns. With stunning fjords and glaciers, to a midnight sun in the summer, to northern lights in the winter—Greenland is a getaway that will leave the traveler speechless with its sights. Today’s article on the shores of Greenland is brought to you by Iceland ProCruises.

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Uyuni’s Bare Beauty

In the southwest corner of Bolivia, nestled in between rugged mountainous terrain and the world’s biggest salt flats, Uyuni is often overlooked town in the middle of nowhere. Yet, this small town of approximately 10,000 people receives almost 60,000 tourists a year. Thanks to Marnella Tours, today’s 60-Second Geography is all about this fascinating town and what to do there.

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Gudmundur Kjartansson, CEO, Iceland ProCruises

Since 1992 the native Icelander has lived in Hamburg where he has been leading a successful international tour operator with focus on Iceland and Norway. He has one goal and that is to show the world how amazing Iceland is, and promises good experiences to all travelers. With a private pilot license Gudmundur enjoys to fly in his spare time, where customers and friends alike have enjoyed amazing flights, amongst them stunning flights over Iceland. Read the rest of this entry »

Cruising the Alaskan Coast

Southeast Alaska may be part of the United States, but it sits in an icy wonderland separated from the rest of the country. It is a mostly wild place, with disconnected cities and towns that are reminiscent of the late 1800’s. Glaciers move in minuscule increments while whales play off the shore. This area of Alaska is pristine and, thanks to American Cruise Lines, today’s Outpost is all about what the traveler can find here. Read the rest of this entry »

The Floating City of Venice

Being a city made up of 118 islands, Venice is a city that decided simply being close to the water wasn’t close enough—they wanted to build on it. It sits in a lagoon, a city united by 400 bridges linking residential, commercial, and agriculture spaces. From the world-dominating Venetian fashion to the plentiful meals of fresh produce and seafood, Venice is the dream that travelers have been looking for. Thanks to Blue-Roads Touring, today’s 60-Second Geography covers this highly sought-after city.

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La Fortuna and Arenal in Costa Rica

There’s a reason that La Fortuna remains one of the most visited areas in Costa Rica. Simply put, it is paradise. This small town, located in an area named the same, is a fortune of relaxation and allowing the richness of life to wash over the traveler. With a magnificent volcano as a backdrop, La Fortuna’s lush natural surroundings and laid-back atmosphere lets the traveler settle into a worthwhile vacation.

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•    Started with STI Travel (leader in travel to Egypt) in Hackensack, NJ in 2006. (STI Travel became part of the Central Holidays Travel Group in 2012.)
•    Handled FIT & Group Sales from 2006-2016
•    In charge of Product Development from 2008-2015
•    Rejoined Central Holidays in August, 2018
•    Visited Egypt for the 4th time in December 2018
•    Call Center Team Leader for Egypt FIT & Group sales
•    Develops custom itineraries for both FITs and Groups
•    Handles Egypt Product Development including itinerary creation Read the rest of this entry »

Iceland ProCruises

Iceland has been a rising star in the travel industry for almost 15 years now. With 2.3 million visitors in 2018, it has become a major choice of destination for travelers. There’s no denying why it has become popular among travelers. The sparse population leaves much of the natural sites intact and pristine, while the people are welcoming to anyone who wishes to come see their exquisite country. Surreal fjords and waterfalls create a sense of wonder. Cities full of a distinct culture and lively modern feel compel a visit. Read the rest of this entry »

El Calafate with GT Tours

El Calafate sits near the bottom of the world, nestled near the southernmost point of Patagonia, Argentina. It is a wondrous place full of sights rarely seen anywhere else. From caves to glaciers to still, blue lakes—El Calafate is the nature lovers paradise. And, today, GT Tours wants you to know all about this magical place.

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Stephanie Mirando, Collette, Director of Marketing

 Stephanie Mirando, Collette, Director of Marketing
Stephanie is responsible for driving Collette’s strategy pertaining to travel agents. In this role, she delivers tailored marketing campaigns and exceptional service for partners and travel agents to maximize their business. She is responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with strategic partners across North America – ensuring a strong marketing message across all platforms for travel agents and their clients. Stephanie joined Collette in 2013. She holds an MBA from Southern Connecticut State University and a Bachelor’s degree in business from Bryant University.




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