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Beginning her travel career at age 16, travel agent Jean Kuhn recounts her 35 years in the industry, moving from a store-front, airline oriented business to her current travel practice.

I lived in a small town in Westchester County, NY about 30 miles outside “the city” of New York. When I walked home from school, I would always stop and look inside the window of the one and only travel agency in town. I thought that would be a great place to work, and since I needed a job, why not ask if I could be of help? So, at the age of 16, I decided to apply for a part-time position and was hired. My job was filing brochures. So you think that’s boring and tedious? It certainly wasn’t to a 16 year old girl who hadn’t been anywhere further than the state of Pennsylvania. The office was an exciting place to be. I loved hearing the travel consultants sell trips to exotic destinations, and listening to the storytellers spin their tale about a unique experience viewing Wildebeest as they migrate from Tanzania to Kenya, or hearing a conversation Read the rest of this entry »