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10 Things to Do to Jumpstart 2011

January is already at an end. People are tired from a long, painful 2010. They’re unsure about the economy. Blah, blah. Yes, this is all true.  But you know what else? People have now skipped a couple of vacations for fear of the economy. Americans don’t like to skip vacations.  Our lead count in the first ten days of January has proven to be quite impressive at Tripology, matching 2009 numbers.  People are requesting trips and you should get in on your share of the action. Do you want to start 2011 off right? Here are some key things you need to do: Read the rest of this entry »

10 Things to do NOW to make more money in 2010

 It’s rough out there. I know.  I also know you have a lot on your mind and that 2010 seems too far off to even think about right now.   However, it really is just around the corner. Suppliers are scrambling as well. Every consumer is being bombarded with travel specials that seem too good to be true and every travel agent is fed up with people looking for “cheap”. On top of all that, there are some agents still trying to figure out how to charge service fees.

I’m not sure, but I have a feeling this is the way it’s going to be for a while.  What else will the future bring? No one knows.  However, one thing I’m certain of is the future normally shows up before you are ready for it. So, why not take this opportunity to get ready.  So, I thought I would share my thoughts on what I think you need to do to make more in 2010. Read the rest of this entry »

I wrote this article some time ago, but wanted to think about it for a while before posting.  For a long time, I’ve been saying that someone was going to come up with something (for travel bookings) that would be so simple, so easy to use and so good, it just might have a shot at turning the industry upside down. Google released City Tours (see Google Labs City Tours) and it is really not a bad first start at doing just that.  Frankly, the travel industry as a whole should take note, but travel agents should wake up and smell the coffee.  This is the future. The problem? The future normally shows up before you’re ready for it. Read the rest of this entry »

If you’ve been anywhere near a TV, radio, newspaper or Wall Street employee, you know one thing; the economy is taking a beating. I know my wife and I are looking for a nanny and it’s been tough finding good applicants…until a few days ago.  Then, a barrage of applications came in.  When I asked why this was happening, the lady at the agency said a lot of folks had lost their jobs and therefore, so did their nannies.
So, with this kind of news, can you assume the travel market will be impacted?  Sure. That’s not rocket science.  Some people WILL take a vacation however.  More important, many people will Read the rest of this entry »