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Experienced travel agents have long used consolidators for obtaining the best possible pricing on international airline fares for their clients. However, many travel planners have little experience with consolidators and don’t know where to begin to establish the proper supplier relationships. The United States Air Consolidator Association, better known as USACA, is making it easier for travel consultants to work with its membership. USACA is an association of twelve distinguished consolidators who have joined together to provide travel agents with a better understanding of the consolidator market and the advantages to working with consolidator fares. USACA serves as the national trade association for airline ticket consolidators committed to integrity, trust and reliability. A travel agent may freely and confidently look to USACA members for consolidated airline tickets. The end result? Better international fares for clients and more profit for the travel agent. Sound like a good deal? Read on. Read the rest of this entry »

New England and the Canadian Atlantic offer travelers rich geographical beauty along the Atlantic seaboard. Get a quick lesson in the iconic small towns, draped in Old World charm, and the larger cities and entertainment possibilites. This 60-second Geography article can be used by agents in newsletters and on websites for free, courtesy of Shoretrips.

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One island, two countries. The Dominican Republic and Haiti share the island of Hispaniola, the second largest island in the Caribbean. Unlike it’s sister nation, however, the Dominican Republic has in recent years become one of the Caribbean’s most sought after playgrounds. With hundreds of miles of beaches and reefs, there is no shortage of sand and sun for visitors to the Dominican Republic. Travelers there inevitably compare the sand texture to sugar, but the crystal blue waters are an equally attractive asset. The Dominican Republic’s pristine beaches are slowly becoming the destination of choice for leisure travelers from the United States and Canada looking for real value and extraordinary all-inclusive vacations.

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When was the last time a Tour Operator handed you an extra commission check – and from passengers you didn’t even have to book yourself? Sound a bit fantastic? That’s the “Sceptre Rewards Book 3 Get 1 Free” program by Sceptre Tours, and it’s only one of the many reasons that every travel agent should have a close working knowledge of this tour operator. If you have clients going to Ireland, Britain, or Italy, the first tour operator to think of is Sceptre Tours. Not only do they provide your clients with the product they want and the service you hope for, their commitment to travel agents is without match in the industry. Read the rest of this entry »

South America by Solar Tours

South America is a continent of vast expanse, resources and natural beauty. This wild continent, positioned between the Caribbean, the South Pacific, and the South Atlantic Oceans, remains unknown to many travelers, yet holds real treasure for both the intrepid explorer of nature and the lover of great cities.

The continent plays home to a vast range of cultures, identities, geographies, styles, luxuries, languages and cities – it can be beautiful in how it overwhelms. Take a minute to garner some great general info on South America. Thanks to Solar Tours, this week’s 60-second Geography is completely available to be used for your agency’s newsletters or websites.

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Hariworld Travels Profile

Since 1968 Hariworld has been providing the North American Travel Community with the most affordable fares on the broadest choice of Carriers to worldwide destinations.

Hariworld offers an unrivaled web-based booking engine that allows agents to book contracted and commissionable published air fares, choose trip itineraries, purchase tickets and add their own markups with a few clicks of the mouse.
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We always hear talk about consolidators and how they have great fares for agents to pass along to their clients. Consolidators are a good way to improve your bottom line and to increase the value you provide to your client. But many travel professionals just don’t know where to start. The first step is to select a consolidator with a good reputation. The second step is to make sure that particular consolidator serves the markets you sell. And the third step is to establish a relationship with the consolidator and learn how easy it is to add this valuable asset to your business. This week, we will look at GTT Global.
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Interview with Zack Protogeros of Destination Greece


PictureDr. Zack Protogeros is one of the owners and a member of the founding team for Destination Greece. Dr. Protogeros has held the position of Marketing and Technology Director since 2008. Destination Greece is a US-based tour operator offering high-quality personalized services to clients visiting Greece, Egypt, Turkey and the Mediterranean with a local presence in Athens, Greece. You can read his previous 1:1 interview from January 2011 here.

TRO: What inspired you to work in the travel industry?

ZP: I guess it was not just one thing. I still remember the excitement new places brought while traveling to places like Santorini, Delphi, Meteora and Crete. And then more while in Giza, Alexandria, Ephesus, Istanbul… I came to realize and appreciate the sense of freedom inherent in traveling. And I came to discover the things we all share and which unite us all, people and cultures. That’s when I knew I wanted to share my knowledge and experiences from Greece with everyone. What best way to do it than help people realize their travel dreams to Greece? Read the rest of this entry »

Vacation Express, one of the largest tour operators in the southeast United States, announced at the beginning of 2012 it had been wholly acquired by Sunwing Travel Group Inc., a family-owned and operated, Toronto-based company and Canada’s leading vertically integrated leisure travel company. Within a month of the company’s new ownership announcement, Vacation Express got their Sunwing Airlines program up and running and open for sale, and it’s been a booking frenzy ever since. Read the rest of this entry »