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Using ShoreTrips for Interior Cities

Using ShoreTrips for interior cities is something many travel consultants never think about. Our traveling staff is constantly visiting those special destinations that never see a cruise ship! Here are some of our favorites, along with one or two of our Must-Do excursions. How do we know you MUST try these?  Because we are still talking about them years later!

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There is nothing like traveling through the Mediterranean. I have been there countless times, often stopping in the same villages, yet I have never tired of them. There is a romance to the whole area that particularly blankets Italy, France and Spain where I find comfort when I return and see a city as I left it, and yet there is always something new.

Med cruises tanked in 2016

Last year the Mediterranean was hit hard by many factors that affected tourism. We will never really know how people make their decisions but election years are always tough and it was also a restless time for many countries.

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