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Lisa Green is a group travel specialist located in the small town of Elkins, WV.  She holds destination specialist certifications in the Caribbean, Mexico and Disney as well as many others.  She has been in the travel industry for 15 + years while living in West Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina (her favorite) and Colorado.  Lisa’s dream destinations are Australia and Italy.

After 15 plus years in the travel industry, I am back to my roots in the middle of nowhere. Operating a rural travel business. I say “travel business” instead of “travel agency” because I had intended to go strictly “group travel” when I returned to the business after a well-deserved hiatus. I had no intentions of becoming a full-service travel agency. The community had other plans. Herein lies the main challenge: saying “no” to a client. Especially a client with no internet access. “Are there really such people out there?” you ask. The answer, unbelievably, is yes. The rural client. Now, don’t get me wrong. Read the rest of this entry »