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Underserved Niche Championed by Dina Farmer

As I interview travel professionals and persons in the travel industry, I find there are two camps for niching.

The first group plants a flag in the camp of, “choose a niche” you are passionate about, learn about it, visit it and then dominate you niche. The other camp says, “your niche finds you,” and often have incredible stories to back their claims. This is a story of the niche that found Dina Farmer.

Dina is an adventurer. Her world travels are exciting. Her past service to our country as a photographer in the United States Air Force is part of the tale. Falling in love with her husband, also USAF, is part of the tale. Marrying and having her beautiful children is where her niche emerges. Read the rest of this entry »


Shine on, number nine! Please allow me to introduce the ninth podcast in the Travmarket Media Network of Podcasts. I am selfishly pleased to say that Nikita Brown is lending her voice and skills to the Travmarket Media Network of Podcasts. I need all the social media help I can get, and this gal is one of the BEST!

Nikita’s podcast, The Travel Lab, focuses on uncomplicating the social media challenges the travel agent faces. Her knowledge base, paired with her infectious energy, poises The Travel Lab as the motivational force you need to finally sit down, make a social media plan and be excited about executing it! Read the rest of this entry »


Let’s overcome barriers to entry. It’s time for you to start enjoying good audio content. This is the first network of podcasts built for the travel professional. I’m extremely proud of our content and the feedback has been outstanding. I want you to enjoy it too. Let’s bust some podcast myths and get you tuned into podcasts too! Read the rest of this entry »