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“First of all – YOU BE NICE!”

We all read so much these days in the current economic climate about marketing, advertising, technology and strategic planning.  And yes – much is talked and written about customer contact and customer relationship management.

It seems to me that when contact with our clients and customers is referred to using some of these terms, that it almost implies a detached and impersonal manner.  Unintentional for sure, but nevertheless that’s how I perceive it!

I’ve spent my entire working life (over 40 years) in the travel industry and I’ve considered every one of those years to be also working in the customer service business.  That’s right – interacting and dealing with people, human beings…..not faceless entities that I have to ‘manage a relationship’ with. Read the rest of this entry »

This is the business we have chosen

Are these the times that try peoples’ souls?  Are these the best of times or the worst of times?  Are we living and working in one of the most difficult and challenging environments in our lifetime?

You and I both know the answers to those questions so the ‘real’ question is “What do we do now?”  How do we deal with the current market and how do we ride out the storm?

I’ve been involved in the travel industry for over forty years and have experienced countless ‘storms’ before and yes – this one is a real humdinger. But I never cease to marvel at the resilience and fortitude shown by all of the true professionals Read the rest of this entry »