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So many qualities come together to create an amazing bond between travel advisor and client.  The list is endless – product knowledge, strong relationships with suppliers, creativity, follow through, how you handle emergencies – but take a moment to stop and think about how many live conversations you’ve actually had with your valued clients.  I bet it’s not as many, or of the quality, that you should be having. Read the rest of this entry »

The wholistic travel professional

As we are working through our 2015 resolutions – lose weight, get organized, increase our business – I’d like to suggest a broader category that would cover all of your business goals and personal resolutions.  What if we were to “Get a Life?”  I do not mean that in the literal sense of being a person that is breathing and has brain activity, but a person who is well rounded and maintains a high degree of health, happiness and productivity.

It is all too often that I see colleagues glued to their electronic devices, taking calls at all hours, and experiencing challenges from clients. This leads to less time with family, less time to pursue other interests, and less time for maintaining overall health.  This cycle is difficult to break, but it must be done! Read the rest of this entry »