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Most of my Windows on Britain articles concentrate on ideas that will appeal to adults flying or cruising in-and-out of the UK; but today, I’m going to highlight some of England’s countryside attractions which dramatically bring history to life during the summer months. Weekends are when many of these imagination-stretching re-enactments take place and, as that’s when the world descends on London, they offer a very good reason for escaping from our people and traffic-filled capital city.

If your client’s holiday starts on Saturday or Sunday, break the habit of a lifetime by heading straight into the English countryside and start the vacation with one of our jaw-dropping historic events. Then on Monday, with jetlag parked and a morning visit to a castle under their belt, head for London where, during the early afternoon, their rooms will be ready. Doesn’t that get things off to a better start?

England offers a VERY long menu of experiential tour opportunities and here are just a few that have caught my eye.

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Among several interesting requests this week, there was one for 4 motoring enthusiasts who want to attend the Goodwood Revival in September. The tour I’ve created for them includes some wonderful motor museum experiences, and I offer them to you in case you have some vintage car club members in your client base.

Another was for a Scotch whisky distillery tour, which will probably tie into the Spirit of Speyside Distilled Festival in early September. A third travel agent wanted to propose a fund raiser to her local art gallery, and I’ve used as bait, the outstanding Sculpture Exhibition at the Royal Horticultural Society’s flagship garden at Wisley.

Give careful thought to these niche markets, because you will have clients with an interest in all three of them and they will share that interest with their like-minded friends. You, the travel agent can turn it into valuable business.

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This window on England opens on the Royal Horticultural Society and the stunning flower shows they organise along with the Chelsea Flower Show. I’ve sharpened the focus on Blenheim Palace, York, our home of chocolate and the autumn Ceramics Biennial in Stoke on Trent before taking a closer look at Cornwall. Although it is in the far southwest of England, it’s a first-class illustration of a TRAVEL LESS-SEE MORE destination and my suggestions will begin to reveal what this rugged southwestern tip of England can offer enterprising travel counsellors.

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For many travel planners, London Heathrow arrivals are frequently followed by the slow drive through the London rush hour traffic to hotels, where the rooms are often not ready. For more years than I choose to remember, I’ve been championing the idea of starting tours of Britain with the first three to four nights in the English countryside. To illustrate the point, I’m suggesting journeys of less than one hour from London Heathrow to cathedral cities and market towns where jet lag can be parked in fine country house hotels and new travel experiences can be enjoyed before arriving in London, adjusted to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and when bedrooms are ready.

Take a look at my Six of the Best – St Albans, Guilford, the Ashdown Forest, Oxford, Petworth and Winchester. Many of your clients will love this idea.

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Piecing Together Britain’s Heritage

One of the Christmas presents I always looked forward to was the jigsaw puzzle from my aunt, which gradually became more complex as the years went by. It probably explains why I so enjoy identifying different aspects of the UK and piecing them together as memorable and unique travel experiences for your customers. This week’s ‘box of tricks’ introduces England’s Jurassic Coast, numerous great detectives (anglophiles will recognise them immediately), embroidery collections, ceramics and the 75th anniversary of D Day. Read on and then send me the jigsaw puzzle I can help you with!

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If you’re a regular reader of these Agents Perspectives (email me at, it would be good to meet you), you’ll be familiar with my mantra of “Travelling Less Seeing More” and my top 5 stories are just another very good illustration of just how this can be done. As all these attractions are a short hop from London Heathrow, it makes better sense to base them in a fine country house hotel so that you can offer them a stylish, travel less, see more start to their UK visit before they head into London.

For much the same reason, interest in Cotswolds-based tea room tours is also growing, as is awareness of new travel experiences through the northern gateway of Manchester where the World Capital of Ceramics aka. Stoke on Trent is almost on its doorstep. I’ve finished with a valuable ‘Traveller’s Tip’.

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Just in case you think that I dream up these ideas for my own amusement, almost every one of this week’s collection plays an important role in customised itineraries I’ve recently created for enterprising travel counsellors.

The top story provides the foundations for a small group, pre-cruise extension in September and the Artist Village is in a 2020 Chelsea Flower Show itinerary. A visit to Duke Humfrey’s Library is part of a C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien literary tour for a family of 7 in June and Palladian Elegance appeals to another travel agent as something different for next year. I don’t yet have any takers for the Bluebells at Hole Park (working on it) but Spode and Wedgwood are in a long weekend shopping trip to the World Capital of Ceramics.

Tell me what fires your imagination.

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Every year, at the end of January, some of England’s attractions come together to showcase what they have to offer during the forthcoming season and I’m always on the lookout for bright ideas for you to offer independent travellers and small groups cruising or flying in or out of London. Most of them are in the southern and central regions of the country, and this week I’m highlighting an opening selection with more to follow in 2 weeks’ time. Don’t forget, if something catches your eye, I have nearly 40 years’ experience in matching it to suit your client’s interest, time frame and budget. Here are 10 suggestions that will give you a more imaginative perspective on your old friend Britain. Read the rest of this entry »

As you, and many of your clients, may have seen on last Sunday’s Masterpiece screening of ‘Victoria’, my top story will help you to convert their interest in fiction into reality UK On Location tour. As I’ve successfully run it for a Public Broadcasting Station, I can offer you a programme that works extremely well as a customised small group tour.

You’ve probably read about ‘The Favourite’, the historical period comedy-drama film starring Olivia Colman, Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz. Acclaimed at the Venice Film festival, what you may not know is that Hatfield House, just north of London was the chosen filming location. Use the link in my second story for a closer look.
With the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings just around the corner, I’ve added something on the role played by the North Devon village of Clovelly in the build-up to Operation Overlord.
For clients cruising in or out of Dover, a visit to the Denbies Wine Estate will add some sparkle to a transfer to or from the port and for those who enjoy Living History experiences, The Eboracum Festival in York will tick all the boxes as will the annual Alice’s Day celebrations in Oxford!

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Wedgwood, Wells, Quilts, Tea and Cakes

Happy New Year! For me, 2019 got off to a great start with a travel agent request for 6 older ladies who want to go to the Festival of Quilts (Birmingham 1st-4th August). After a quick-fire volley of bright ideas from me, they are now flying from Atlanta to the user-friendly northern gateway of Manchester for a series of imaginative and memorable visits which include:

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I’m rounding off a busy year with a selection of imagination stretching bright ideas that I’m already including in customised UK tours. The lead story flags up a significant anniversary which many Methodist churches will be celebrating, and which some enterprising travel agents have already spotted as the starting point for an imaginatively themed UK Methodist Heritage tour. The stories continue with a pop-up Elizabethan theatre in York, Peter Pan in Dumfries, Scotland and a Harry Potter/Roald Dahl combination that will appeal to families and people like me who like me who are also fans!

News of direct flights from London Heathrow to Newquay in Cornwall makes access to Doc Martin, Poldark, Arthurian legends and other important literary anniversaries a great deal easier—and those of you with green fingered clients will be able to offer them an Ireland, Wales and England programme they will probably have never seen before

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas. See you next year!


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Shaking the Dust Off the History Books

In the world of customised UK/Ireland tours, I never know what’s going to appear overnight on my laptop. Requests in the past few days have been for a Public Broadcasting Station tour to Cornwall (Doc Martin and Poldark), a food and whisky tour of Scotland, a post cruise 3-nighter to the Cotswolds and a Methodist church interested in next year’s 350th anniversary of Susannah Wesley, mother of her 2 famous sons, John and Charles. More on that shortly.

I also created a small group tour for an action-filled 3 days at Europe’s largest Viking Festival in York which made me curious to learn more about some of the other living history events that fill the UK’s calendar each year. What I’ve discovered is a nation-wide Aladdin’s Cave of edge-of-your-seat historical re-enactments and living history experiences that add something memorable to any customised tour of Britain. Read the rest of this entry »

This Window on Britain illustrates not only the scope of what the UK has to offer but also the untapped sources of new business already close to where you live.

Clients who have enjoyed their visits to Colonial Williamsburg will be thrilled by the action-packed York Viking Festival, while others interested in Foodie Tours will be keen to learn more about the new cookery school opening at the 5-star Grand Hotel in York and the Gourmet Tour of Northern England. Anyone interested in horseback riding will fancy the Dressage, Cross Country and Show Jumping at the Badminton Horse Trials, while railway enthusiasts will like the nostalgic look of the North Wales and North of England Festival of Steam.

Other stories will interest cruise clients sailing in or out of Southampton, shoppers wanting to buy direct ex-factory in the World Capital of Ceramics and fans of Midsomer Murders, Poldark, Doc Martin and All Creatures Great and Small will enjoy my final three updates.

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What do Father Brown, Inspector Morse, Midsomer Murders and Downton Abbey all have in common? They can all be incorporated into one eyecatching, travel less, ‘see more’ on-location tour, based in the Cotswolds, one of the most attractive regions in the UK. Having lived there for over 5 years, it’s somewhere I know well and can put together customised tours as a 4-nighter arriving and departing from London or as a shorter pre/post cruise sailing in or out of Southampton. Take a look at a map and you’ll see how well the region is placed for London Heathrow and the great seaport on England’s south coast. Read the rest of this entry »

Two weeks ago, my Agent Perspectives article focused on sources of valuable business, already ON YOUR DOORSTEP. In case you missed it, take another look at it here because this week’s eclectic mix ‘n’ match medley will give you inspired suggestions for clients who are fans of Masterpiece On Location tours in general and Doc Martin/Poldark in particular, spectacular flower shows in Paris and London, tea rooms and stately homes in the Cotswolds, Methodist Heritage and literary anniversaries.

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For more years than I care to remember, I’ve been a great believer in two things. The huge untapped potential for customised UK travel that’s on every travel agent’s doorstep and that YOU are the person who’s best placed to find it.

What you may not have had at your fingertips is a product range that can help you to develop it into high yield results. Feel free to utter the words Abracadabra but as you do so, click here and enter an Aladdin’s Cave of imaginative new ways of looking at your old friend Britain. Read the rest of this entry »

Flower Power and an Edible Garden

Two weeks ago, I put together a summary of early spring UK garden festivals and to complete this unique and very useful calendar, I’m focusing on the major Royal Horticultural Shows (RHS) between May and September along with some other bright ideas for your green fingered clients. Read the rest of this entry »

With garden clubs returning to their normal schedule of monthly meetings in September, make an appointment to present them with some eye-catching new itineraries that they have not seen before?

Orchid Societies will relish Kew’s annual Orchid extravaganza in February. While other gardeners, too busy to travel in the spring, might say ‘yes’ to a Poldark/Doc Martin infused Cornwall garden tour in March. Scotland’s Rhododendron Festival blended with a few castles and distilleries may draw the attention north of the border, with others liking my suggestions for the Keukenhof in Holland, Floralia in Belgium and some of our English tulip festivals. The mid-May RHS Malvern Flower Show is also a very good reason for a “travel less, see more” visit to the Cotswolds. Read the rest of this entry »

A recent headline in our national newspapers about long delays at London Heathrow reminded me, to remind you, about the growing number of non-stop flights to Manchester, England’s northern gateway. Check your listings because for 2019 there are non-stop flights to Manchester from Los Angeles, Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, Newark, JFK, Las Vegas, Orlando, Miami and Philadelphia. Read the rest of this entry »

Bustling and colourful Christmas markets in historic settings, treasure-filled castles and stately homes in full festive mode, carol singers, sparkling and highly decorated Christmas trees, mulled wine, mince pies, and ice skating outdoors at famous London attractions. Welcome to an exciting series of tour ideas that can be gift-wrapped to generate valuable extra commission in the run-up to Christmas in Britain. Read the rest of this entry »

We have a saying, ‘you wait ages for a bus and then 2 or 3 come along at the same time.’ It’s sometimes like that with big-potential fueled new ideas for UK travel and this week’s edition showcases a couple of examples, namely the ‘Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams’ Exhibition at the V&A in London and the long-awaited film version of the hugely popular Downton Abbey. The exhibition starts in February, but the movie’s launch date is still to be confirmed. Both will attract extensive media coverage which will make offering the tours I’ve created much easier to sell. Read the rest of this entry »