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The Cistercian Circle

Maybe it’s the fact that I’m from the western United States. Or maybe it’s because of growing up in a throw-way generation of disposable everything and pre-fab houses, but here in Spain, and in Europe in general, I am impressed by what is ancient and still relevant. 1,000-year old buildings are no biggy for Europeans, but in my eyes they are wonders. How can they still be standing? And as is the case with many of the Cistercian monasteries; how can anyone still be living in these enormous, cold, stone relics? Read the rest of this entry »

Biking Formentera

Why Less is More on the Balearic Islands

At just eighteen kilometers total from tip to tip, Formentera looks like a boomerang being tossed off the south-eastern coast of Spain. It is nothing more than a croissant crumb on the world map, and though most people have heard of rockin’ Ibiza or artsy Mallorca, Formentera usually draws a ‘Where’s that?’ when mentioned. The answer to that telling question is nowhere. There’s not much going down on the Balearic’s smallest member, which is precisely why it’s worth a visit. Read the rest of this entry »