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Does Your Agency Have A Story To Tell?

Is a Prada pocketbook worth $1,200? What about an Armani suit for close to $2,000? Or a hotel room that goes for $950 a night? Does a $600 pen really work that much better than a pen that sells for a dollar or two?

The answer is “Yes,” IF we believe it to be true!

Marketing is about telling believable stories. If a consumer believes that a Mont Blanc pen is worth $600, then it is so. It’s just that simple! The truth isn’t important if we believe, and buy into, “the story” we’re told, and we see the value of the product or service at the price for which it is being offered.

It’s not the pocketbook itself, or the suit or the pen that justifies the cost. It’s how buying these products make us feel. Read the rest of this entry »

Marketing Made Simple!

If I had to draw any conclusions as to why so many travel agencies seem to languish without achieving real and sustained success, I’d attribute it to the following three fundamental flaws:

1. Far too many of them don’t have a meaningful and compelling value proposition.
2. Even when they do, they don’t know how to effectively communicate what it is.
3. They don’t truly understand marketing, and the benefits it provides.

Let me explain.

Look at your current company brochure (if you even have one), your latest ad or the most recent sales letter you’ve sent out. Is it immediately obvious what makes you better? Would a prospect clearly see Read the rest of this entry »