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Now that you’re going pro on your Pinterest account, you also need to know how you can interact with other people on the site – it’s a social network after all.

If you really want to capitalize on the power of Pinterest, you’ll want to make sure you pin things regularly (this is how your brand starts appearing in front of people) and start connecting with potential customers. Beyond searching for and following boards that interest you, here are a few more tactics that will help you do that.

Liking, Commenting and Repinning

If you’re comfortable with liking, commenting and sharing on Facebook posts, you’re one step ahead on Pinterest.

Although the site uses slightly different terminology – liking and commenting are still there, but instead of sharing, you repin – these are the key interaction features offered for each pin. Read the rest of this entry »

Sophie Bujold: Pins, boards and other must-knows

Now that you’ve got your Pinterest account created and personalized, it’s time to start using the site and building your boards. Just to make sure you truly understand the concept behind the site, let’s take a look at the 3 basic elements you will be working with.

Pins and Pinning

This is Pinterest’s version of an online bookmark. Every pin is composed of an image and a description. Some will also be linked to an external website or blog.

Creating a pin is appropriately known as pinning. Read the rest of this entry »

Until a few months ago, Pinterest was an invitation-based network. You could request to join or get a friend to invite you, but getting in meant that you had to wait for someone else to give you access. Not anymore.

Step 1 – Create an account

All you need to do to register on Pinterest is to visit and click on the big red button that says “Join Pinterest.”  There, you will have a few options: Read the rest of this entry »

Yesterday, we talked about why Pinterest might be a good fit for your social media marketing strategy, today, let’s take a look at what Pinterest actually is.

What exactly is Pinterest?

In a nutshell, Pinterest is a visual bookmarking site. People can sign up for an account and create categories (known as boards) where they can bookmark (known as pinning) interesting images, videos or links to useful information (known as pins) to create a themed repository of useful information. As long as your content has a visual element, you can pin it.

You find things to include on your boards by either surfing the web or by looking through Pinterest’s home page and content categories.  Read the rest of this entry »

If you haven’t heard of Pinterest yet, you may have been hiding in a hole.  It’s one of the newest social networks out there and has been taking the Internet by storm.

In fact, it has quickly risen to become one of the top traffic generators and the #3 most popular social network – ranking only after Facebook and Twitter. People who use it for business have seen up to 20% of their website traffic coming from Pinterest. Read the rest of this entry »

Is your underwear showing?

At some point in your life, I’m sure you’ve had one those moments where you realize your zipper is down, your pants are hanging just a little too low or your skirt just a little too high. I am NOT about to ask you to admit to it in the comment box below, but I do want you to think about the embarrassment that came with it.

Now tell me, how embarrassing would that situation be if this happened with a client? Admit it. You would be mortified.

And yet, some travel professionals let this happen every day on social networking profiles with inappropriate photos, sloppy spelling, and incomplete information hanging out there for all to see. Think it’s different? I can assure you that clients are averting their eyes and attention in both situations. Read the rest of this entry »

There’s a mad dash on social media today to get to the most fans, followers or readers. It’s not limited to the travel industry, but I do see many travel professionals falling in the trap and putting a great deal of importance on their fan base. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t always matter.

That’s right, the number of people “liking” you on Facebook or following you on Twitter is not really the magic potion that will make your online activity successful. What you need to look at instead is the QUALITY of people who are forming your audience. Read the rest of this entry »