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A Blank State of Mind

I wouldn’t say it was an epiphany exactly, but as I sat in a class during a recent Sandals Convention, the trainer said something that caused my brain to emit an almost-audible “ding”.  She said something to the effect that we should not plan trips or sell to our clients based on what we would prefer or what we would want to purchase, but based solely on what would be the best experience for our client.  Yes, I can hear the collective “duh”.  Don’t we always make recommendations based on what would be best for our client?  Aren’t we the ultimate “matchmakers” between travel virgins and the resort that is perfect for them?  I had the same initial reaction, followed by a niggling awareness, and a vaguely uncomfortable feeling that perhaps I am guilty–unconsciously of course–of doing that very thing on occasion. Read the rest of this entry »