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Road Trip: Visiting The City

There are many nicknames for the city of San Francisco, including “The City.” There is “415” – the area code, “San Fran” – (don’t use this one), “Fog City” – self-explanatory, “Golden Gate City” – for the bridge, and even “Baghdad by the Bay” – with reference to the cosmopolitan nature of the population, much like that of pre-war Baghdad.  The City remains high on my list of great places to visit, and one of my favorite activities in the Bay Area is exploring some of the surrounding nature and vicinities.

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A Week at Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is a destination perfect for a getaway, provided you appreciate skiing or hiking or nature, golf, shopping, gambling, fishing, boating, or dozens of other outdoor activities.  Straddling the border between California and Nevada, Lake Tahoe often exceeds the expectations of first-time visitors. Its natural beauty, crystal clear waters, towering Jeffrey pine trees, and mountains are stunning during any season.

But there is more. Lake Tahoe surprises with its casinos and city life. It is by no means a bustling metropolis, but part of it is in Nevada. The state is well-known for its casinos and gambling opportunities, so there is a subtle hint of this lifestyle infused into the otherwise tranquil destination. Places like Harrah’s and the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino have a home here. These establishments have slot machines, table games, nightclubs, entertainment, and fine dining to accommodate guests. Read the rest of this entry »

For too long, travel professionals have ceded their clients’ domestic road trips to self booking. American Tours International, however, has put together the technology allowing travel advisors to customize domestic road trips in a manner to enhance the experience for the client and the commissions for the travel professional.  Charlie Kao and Richard Earls of TRO-Travelmole had an opportunity to interview Nick Hentschel, COO, and Jenny Tecklenburg, Vice President of Sales with American Tours International (ATI). 

Charlie Kao: Nick,  How are things in California?

Nick Hentschel:  Charlie, things are getting back to normal here in California. We have done very well with the vaccine efforts and the removal of mass mandates outside.  We are reopening restaurants at a 50% capacity here in Los Angeles County and other shops and stores, so things feel like a comeback from a pretty tough December or January timeframe to some “new normal” that feels pretty good. Read the rest of this entry »

AmericanTours International’s (ATI) Drive America customizable road trip packages make it easy for travel agents to set up, save clients money (compared to booking it on their own online), and generate commissions on a $3,000 couple booking and up to $10,000 or more for a small or multi-generation family. ATI support team knows about the ins and outs of traveling within your destinations and is always available to help you. Read the rest of this entry »

Sometimes your next big adventure is only a short drive away. Hit the open road to explore America’s natural wonders and wide-open spaces, along with the local shops and restaurants that form the fabric of the community.

Best Western® Hotels & Resorts and American Tours International (ATI) are partnering to promote the American road trip holiday to travel professionals across the United States. Building road trip packages that feature some of Best Western’s most popular properties in iconic locations, ATI empowers travel professionals to capitalize on the current road trip travel trend that will continue into this fall and through 2021. ATI’s Drive America platform has been developed to allow travel professionals to easily book one of 120+ road trip packages or to design their customers’ road trip from scratch. By utilizing ATI’s Drive America platform, travel professionals can access Best Western’s lowest available rates for their customers while receiving substantial commissions.

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Leading travel market research consultancy Longwoods International recently released a study showing that some 58% of Americans planning fall travel would choose to travel on a road trip. Continuing to ride the road trip trend through this fall, AmericanTours International (ATI) has partnered with Travel South USA to develop and market road trip packages featuring the Carolina and Georgia coasts – perfect destinations with exhilarating outdoor experiences for travelers this autumn.

ATI’s partnership with Travel South is in collaboration with Visit North Carolina, Discover South Carolina, and Explore Georgia, who together are aiming to inspire travel professionals to plan their clients’ next road trip journey to their stunning coastal destinations. Read the rest of this entry »

Expedia Partner Solutions is now offering travel agencies enhanced rates, availability, and promotions for B2B hotel bookings. Expedia TAAP partners now automatically get access to higher margin B2B rates from Marriott, as Expedia Group is the preferred global distributor of Marriott’s B2B rates. Expedia TAAP partners have full access to Marriott’s global portfolio of more than 7,400 hotels  across 30 brands. Read the rest of this entry »

ASTA slammed a recent USA Today article and defended the industry over claims some agencies are misusing travelers’ deposits. The article claimed some travel agencies were effectively operating Ponzi-style schemes which ASTA refuted in a statement. The article said travelers’ deposits were being used to pay for earlier customers’ tickets.

The news website specifically called out Florida based and cited complaints made about NAWAS and EF Tours. USA TODAY claimed ‘many travel agencies operate Ponzi-style schemes’ as the ‘coronavirus has exposed a secret underbelly of the travel business.’

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An important presentation for travel advisors (45:40)
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An important presentation for travel advisors (45:40)
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Greater Zion and Bryce Canyon Country are pleased to announce their new destination partnership with AmericanTours International (ATI).  Explore and enjoy wide-open spaces in two of the most beautiful and popular national parks in the USA. These two parks are a contrast in beauty and are both top-rated by Michelin.

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With the Covid-19 pandemic persisting throughout this summer travel season and into the fall, many Americans have decided to social distance while hitting the road to rediscover America’s natural wonders. The road trip has long been an American past time and given the ongoing restrictions from the pandemic, a road trip that traverses America’s iconic wide-open spaces has become an essential experience in 2020 and will continue in 2021. Read the rest of this entry »