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Art of Travel – ciao!

As the year-end fast approaches, we’re also at that time when our team reviews what we’ve accomplished against Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and targets we’ve set for the year.  Our KPI’s and targets are focused on product development, marketing, and sales, as well as financial goals.  We know this is part of our monthly, quarterly, and year-end routine.

What I’ve also taken as routine for myself this year is the privilege to share my experiences through the Travel Agent Diaries. Read the rest of this entry »

Last month, I mentioned that at the end of October, I’d be heading off to Southeast Asia with the Czech Tourism Board for a Roadshow covering the 5 major Southeast Asian markets.  This was in cooperation with the Czech, Hungarian, Polish, and Slovak Tourist Boards.  It was dubbed the “Discover Central Europe Roadshow.”  I was in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Manila, and Jakarta promoting our inbound business to the Czech Republic & Central Europe.    Read the rest of this entry »

The entire month of September went by so fast! In the beginning of the month, I attended a Luxury MICE Event in Amsterdam, where I met high-end hotels and resorts throughout Europe and some from the Middle East. It was a great forum that enables Art Of Travel to build high-end products and packages both for our Leisure and our Meetings & Incentive clients. Read the rest of this entry »

Now that summer in Europe is almost done, we shift focus from our incoming Europe business to outgoing Southeast Asia. Not that we totally leave out our Europe business. There’s demand, albeit in lower numbers than in summer; but destinations like Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bali, Singapore, and Hong Kong all offer a nice change of products to sell for the travel agents and their clients we serve from different parts of the world. Read the rest of this entry »

In the first two quarters of the year, we had a good wave of bookings for London—both groups and individuals. With many of our suppliers invoicing us in GBP, we naturally also maintain a GBP currency account.  But with the sudden drop of the GBP due to the recent Brexit vote, we did get hit with exchange rate losses. To offset this, and since no one knows what’s going to happen next, our immediate solution will be to sell, sell, sell London. Read the rest of this entry »

Summer in Europe is a time when a lot of people switch off. As the school year unwinds, Europeans prepare for their summer holidays. Generally, travel arrangements are done around spring, but there are still those who patiently wait for the inevitable “last minute” deals on flights and packages.  Read the rest of this entry »

It’s May and we’re almost half a year through 2016. Time flies fast and now, we’re looking at our half-year results versus targets.

In my last diary, I wrote about how it’s been a challenge for us when we’ve accounted for business such as large groups, only to see it disappear just before it materializes due to political or economic reasons, like the incidents in Brussels or Paris last year. It’s a fact of life we have to face and in reality, it could mean meeting our financial objectives or missing the mark completely on account of situations beyond our control. Read the rest of this entry »

For this month’s diary, I thought it would be useful to share how we’ve dealt with groups that were already booked and prepared. But we’ve been challenged by possible cancellations due to the recent incidents in Paris, Istanbul, and Brussels.

Being in Europe, we’ve of course felt the shock waves, and when you have business all planned into your operating budget, any cancellation of already confirmed business is obviously a game changer. Read the rest of this entry »

We are just about done now with the first quarter of 2016 and we have been busy with so many things necessary for future business, but not necessarily the immediate cash-generating activities.

We look at our business in 4 separate areas –

  1. Tour & Travel Agency operations
  2. Marketing & Sales Representation of travel related services
  3. Airline Representation & Airline Services
  4. Online sales

Read the rest of this entry »

Hi, I’m Vincent Soriano, Founder and Managing Director of Art Of Travel, a company incorporated in Prague, Czech Republic. Originally from the Philippines, I first visited Prague in the late 90’s and immediately fell in love with it.

Working then as head of sales for an independent 5 star resort in Thailand with 1,100 rooms and a Convention Center for 6,000 guests, my job was to literally travel around the world to promote the resort. For the owners, they firmly believed that face-to-face meetings were the best way to win business. Read the rest of this entry »