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Eliminate What Stops You

As a travel planner, no doubt you are very aware  of all the “shoulds”: you should develop a marketing plan, you should email clients on a regular basis, you should have a newsletter… there are a lot of “shoulds.” In fact, coming up with a list of things to do is easy. Accomplishing the list is a bit tougher. As you continue to build your travel practice, one of the nicest things you can do for yourself is to consciously remove the obstacles  you can identify that prevent you from acting on and accomplishing your plans. Read the rest of this entry »

Active Listening

There is an art to listening well. Listening is certainly more than hearing what your travel client or supplier is saying. Hearing a critique or commentary is a good beginning, but the art of active listening involves two additional steps that are indispensable to effective communication. If you don’t bring all of the components of active listening into a conversation, chances are you will miss something important. Read the rest of this entry »

Ready, Fire… Aim!

There is absolutely no doubt that a failure to plan is one of the biggest mistakes many business people make.  Without a solid business plan, even the best travel consultant can fail to act consistently in any given aspect of their practice. Planning is truly essential.

But so is action.

I see far too many travel professionals planning their lives away, getting ready to act, and then… not acting! Too many times we over-plan and over-perfect, and in the process lose valuable opportunities to others who are quicker to act.  Read the rest of this entry »

Your 2009 Marketing Plan: Make it happen – Part I

TRO is devoting the next few weeks to assisting agents in developing a 2009 Marketing Plan. Follow along with us each day to gain the traction you need to make 2009 your best year ever.

We have spent the last four to five weeks gathering together the various components of our action plan. Now there are a couple of final steps.  This week we will talk about  the importance of  putting your plan in writing, and we will speak to the importance of continually revising your plan.  But before that: The Sermon.

Business plans are important. Organization is essential. Clarity of expression and correctly assessing markets: priceless.

But not a one of these is worth anything without Read the rest of this entry »

What Next?

2008 is shaping up to be a memorable year.  It‘s been the year of a truly historic political season and presidential election and the year of what turned out to be one of the most engaging Olympics ever. But those of us in the travel business have had a particularly eventful year. It reminds me of the Chinese curse: “May you have an interesting life.”

The year started with a weak economy that turned into a full-blown banking crisis. The dollar abroad  has taken a severe pounding (so to speak) Read the rest of this entry »