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Keep your foot on the gas

Can you believe it’s October!  Back to routines, falling leaves and Christmas ads…yikes!  It seems like January was just yesterday and we were planning for a big year ahead.  It’s also been roughly five years since the global economic collapse, and many travel advisors are finally recovering and thriving in their travel businesses.  I have met, personally spoken to, and had the privilege of coaching many travel entrepreneurs and successful businesses that did not participate in the so-called global recession over the last little while, and actually enjoyed many profitable years!  Whether you struggled in your business, or achieved your objectives and were successful, there is no doubt that the economy has picked up, and is showing signs of prosperity for many of you.  However, even with signs of economic recovery you need to remember to ‘Keep Your Foot on the Gas’ and continue to plan for ongoing success and growth! Read the rest of this entry »

KLM takes on

Is there any segment of travel that is NOT getting social?    I coach, speak, and train travel professionals around the world on the importance of becoming a trusted travel authority.  Part of the trusted part in a selling-buying travel relationship is ultimately knowing more than your prospect or client, which means taking the time research, read, review, and understand product knowledge, industry trends, travel topics of interest, and current events.  I sincerely believe that such professionalism, personal attention to detail, and a passionate delivery will win over any website, call center or direct supplier. Read the rest of this entry »

3 steps to rebranding your travel agency

Well, I’ve finally done it!  After much reflection, creativity, self-examination and plain old “blood sweat and tears,” I have finished the rebranding process for my company. When I started five years ago, it was as brandUcoaching, and over the years my business has grown and evolved to become  The purpose for writing this article is to tell my story of evolution by unraveling some of the external and internal reasons why I have recently rebranded my company.  I would also like to help and inspire others to manage change, adapt and then thrive with a more accurate picture of who they are as they move forward in their own rebranding process. Read the rest of this entry »

As a business coach, I expect to lead by example, demonstrate superior customer service, follow up and follow through with patience and diligence and pretty much display excellence in just about everything I do.  Yes, I do place high expectations upon myself by choice, but also understand that I am human and make mistakes and am grateful for them as I learn and grow.

I think that a slight edge I have in life and business has always been my positive attitude.  I have always seen (and again, choose to see) positive versus negative, opportunity versus dismay and growth versus stagnation.  I know it’s not always easy to maintain a positive attitude, so I try to incorporate as simple equation into my life when dealing with negative situations… Read the rest of this entry »

Delivering “strike zone focus”

Although I never played organized baseball growing up, I now find myself helping to coach my nine year-old son, Caden, in his community baseball development team.  As my baseball skills are limited, my wife and I decided to hire local pro, Coach Shawn, to help Caden fine-tune some of his baseball skills.  Coach Shawn is not only a true professional but an exceptional communicator.

One of the key elements of the sport, he told Caden, was discipline. Read the rest of this entry »